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 BAD NEWS: Intercultural class = Jesus stomping

Florida Gov. Rick Scott has waded into a religious-infused campus controversy, asking the state university system chancellor to look into a classroom lesson at Florida Atlantic University in which students were instructed to stomp on sheets of paper that had "Jesus" written on them.

Scott said in a letter Tuesday to State University System Chancellor Frank Brogan that he was "deeply disappointed" by the recent incident in an intercultural communications class and said it raised questions about "the lessons being taught in our classrooms." He said he wanted a report on the incident and how it was handled, as well as a statement of the university's policies to ensure such "lessons" don't occur again.

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 The university has apologized

Some official from this university apologized and it sounded like a half way sincere apology to me. It's ironic or hypocritical and likely both that this teacher would have never considered stomping on the name of Mohammed and might even lead efforts to stop something like that if he knew it was going to occur. Gov Scott still wants to know more about the incident.

David Winter

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