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 Found Favor in Eyes of Local Authorities

I would just like to give a praise report to answered prayer. I have gone out several times to Mitchell Community College to do some open-air evangelism. Each of the times I have been there in the past, I have received some persecution from students on campus, and have had to deal with campus officials who said my presence was not wanted, and that they had received official complaints about me. So, as I normally pray when doing street evangelism, I pray to find favor in the eyes of local authorities.

I believe God has answered that request in regard to Mitchell Community College. This time I did not receive any pressure from the administration. In fact, the chief of security said that since we've spent a lot of time talking in the past due to the number of complaints filled against me, he says he has found me to be a respectful young man and says that I could use him if I wanted for personal reference for a job I've applied for. To me, that's a sure sign of favor.

Also it was interesting to see. I was talking to another Christian on campus today after I was done preaching and he was telling me about the difficulty he's had finding a job and how he had to borrow money from his sister this morning. I told him I've had difficulty getting hours myself, and at the time only have 12 bucks in my checking account (after 2 checks I wrote are cashed, now only 10 cents after I bought some gas) and have to make that last me 1 1/2 weeks (until I get paid again), with only 3/4 a tank of gas. When I said that he suddenly wanted to give me money. I refused him sternly.

A strange day today, but interesting nonetheless. I never ceased to be amazed at what happens when I take the gospel where it belongs-- in the streets.

Jimmy H

 2005/3/10 20:55Profile

 Re: Found Favor in Eyes of Local Authorities

May God continue to use you and thus bless you servant Jimmy.

 2005/3/10 20:57

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