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 Try Harder Theology is misguided for NT believers

I've noticed that a lot of preaching amounts to little more than calling for believers to improve their lives morally in their conduct and behavior. Don't misunderstand me here. I am all for excellent conduct and behavior. They preach with the sincerest and best intentions and I agree with the goal of their message. The problem is with the means. Often-times they suggest that the reason we fail is that we just aren't trying hard enough in ourselves. Basically they could shorten their message by just saying "Stop Sinning" and sit down. They come from a very Old Testament only mindset that is steeped in Pelagianism. Practically nothing about grace or the Spirit is dwelt upon. This is sad. There is a balance in the Christian life between our part versus God's part. I am not suggesting that we have no part or even a passive part. Look at Romans; we are to "reckon", "yield", "Present". The danger is getting out of balance and either thinking 1) living the Christian life is all up to me: Trying harder by will-power and self-effort is the key or 2) being so passive in our walk that we develop an apathy to the point of living independently of God. There is a middle ground. God help us to stay in the middle of the straight and narrow way.

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 Re: Try Harder Theology is misguided for NT believers

Try Harder Theology is the reason why the Promise Keepers movement crashed and burned. Guys found that they could not become "better husbands, fathers and brothers" just by making resolutions and trying harder.

The American evangelical church is still dominated by the Pelagian theology of Charles Finney, who did not know how to oppose dead Calvinism except by going over to the other extreme.

"The golden mean of virtue rests between two opposing errors." That isn't in the Bible, but it should be.

Wayne Kraus

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