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Son Of Thunder i come from a land down under, due south at the bottom of your work globes


Oddly again (The church that enjoys this tax-free exemption status)
Being registered with the federal government Now as charity and/or
religious organization (and wether they be independant or inter denominational or whatsoever they be)

Does NOT have a "tax-free" agenda with its own members
(The congregation)

As a "heavenly tax" of a minimum ten percent of earnings applies...

With a large portion of churches still enforcing the "tithe" on its members.

Claiming vigourously the tithe is STILL A NEW TESTAMENT practice.

And although preachers will assert nobody is putting a gun to anyones head - and forcing you to tithe (so to speak) as it were.

You cant actually teach tithing WITHOUT outlining its mandatory nature.
i.e. Mal 3:8-10, heb 7:5, matt 23:23

Incidently these preachers are having a $2.00 each way bet.

Meaning on the one hand they legalisticly make it compulsory, but in the very same breath are Quick to point out (the law has been abolished under the new covenant) meaning tattoes, piercings of the skin is now an OKay thing for christians.

(as one example) of a law now abrogated - in new testament times.

Yet this heavenly tax is contradicted by hebs 7:5 the sons of levi who in (the old testament) who occupied the priesthood... had a commandment
(it was commanded) to TAKE TITHES of the people ...according to LAW.

So point being. You cant preach tithing which was a commandment according to law ...but then abolish every Other Aspect Of Law.

And as touching on rendering unto ceasar (taxes) the things that be ceasars. You have to remember Israel had fallen under Roman rule! and Israel which should have been self governing in her *own right* (WAS NOW RULED BY A ROMAN EMPIRE AND KINGDOM)

So that has to be factored into the whole equation: too

Israel already had a "built in" " taxation system" through tithes and offerings (The Law) which all funds went into a treasury and storehouse that the priests were stewards off. Israel already paid taxes in the tithe.

But Roman rule and government of course didnt recieve any of these funds from that "storehouse" and neither should they ( not being israel)

Notwithstanding Ceasar's decree declared (being in power) all peoples and nations ought to pay taxes to the RULING BODY (authorities) that be in power. (and effectively its remained that way ever since the Cross).

What im saying is highlighted and illustrated powerfully in Matthew 17:24-26 "Doth not your master pay tribute (tax)???

They replied YES he does!
But get this next sentence by Jesus ...who stopped peter at the door

What do you reckon Simon?

Of whom do the Kings of the earth ...take custom or tribute?

Quiz time.

Of their own children or from total foreigners?

Peter replied vehemently (from foreigners of course)

Jesus retorts accordingly. "then are the children free"

Meaning israel shouldnt have to pay taxes (being citizens In & of israel)

to other nations ( plus israel already had a Giving system in place)

However the dynamic always change when israel is under foreign rule,
falling under roman power.

Jesus knowing the dynamic had now changed, but yet still in principle shewed peter why we shouldnt HAVE TO as jews pay anything (but yet complies with the roman authorities) and pays up!

Bro Stephen

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"Why hasn't the goverment required taxes from church..."

The early American government realized that the power to tax is the power to destroy. They also realized that the ability to tax is an exercise of authority and the government does not have jurisdiction over the church.

"... and why hasn't churches agreed to pay taxes, because that's what Jesus did?"

What Jesus did was to pay the required tax. Again, no requirement, no duty.

"oR Do we wait for the goverment to ask first before we follow the Word?"

Where does the Bible say congregations must arbitrarily pay taxes? We are told to pay taxes when the government demands them, but not when they don't.

Are you prepared to recant your slanderous comment?


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 Re: STOP ., Thief !

First ..taxes are paid from taxable income, the organized church is supposed to be a non-profit institution. Much like a library or museum.The IRS has guidelines where they can check organizations to see if they fall under these guidelines and if they do not then ...I know of several that have been closed down and the building and all the holdings sold at Auction to satisfy the IRS back taxes. But there was a story in the gospels where Jesus asked Peter to go and take up the first fish he caught and reach into its mouth and take the coin he found there and pay the temple tax for both Jesus and Peter, hummmm we never talk much about that do we? What is our obligation to the location of our gathering? When the gov. decides to turn its full attention on the church world it will not be a day for rejoicing like many might believe, even home fellowships will be subject and peoples homes lost due to faulty bookkeeping and errors, bank accounts seized, deacons and elders standing in the firing line along with pastors, big and small how fun is this? The things ahead will be like a storm that hit an area and has no respect of persons, however those who fear the Lord will be saved.


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Another ignorant thread posted!

Sermonindex would be so much more of a blessing if it wasn't for such ignorance.

Oh if only there was a way to keep such ignorance from being posted.

I wonder egrow, would you rob God?

Egrow,are you robbing God or do you want God to be robbed?

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