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 God has made Christ to be Wisdom unto us - How wonderful!

How wonderful to know that God has made Jesus to be "wisdom" unto us. Since Jesus is "the Way" - He then has been made to us "the way of wisdom".

What a wonderful promise! We know from Proverbs that "ALL of wisdom's ways are pleasant ways, and ALL her paths are peace."

Walking IN Christ Jesus is the most pleasant and peaceful way to live.

No wonder Paul said that "The mind of the Spirit is LIFE and PEACE." The mind of the Spirit is the Wisdom of God in Christ!

This means that everyone who is being filled with the Holy Spirit can experience the pleasant and peaceful rest that Jesus promised for all who are weary.

It is the way of the transgressor that is hard. Serving the Lord Jesus is just as much a delight as He had serving the Father. Abiding in Jesus, and walking in the Spirit, is the only way to fully enjoy a peaceful, pleasant, way of rest. There is no peace or rest for the wicked.

This is why Christ Jesus is our hope of glory, the glory of experiencing the pleasant, peaceful, way of rest IN Him.

What a great salvation! What a wonderful Savior! The closer we get to Jesus, the more peaceful and pleasant the way becomes. YES! Lord - IN Christ - I too delight to do Your will.


Alan and Dina Martin

 2013/3/20 10:07Profile

 Re: God has made Christ to be Wisdom unto us - How wonderful!

This is good. Good food. Nice. I am sending this out on my ministry network. Thank you for posting. Very edifying.


 2013/3/20 10:12

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