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 THE BIBLE miniseries - theology?

i havent been here in a few days and was surprised there wasnt any discussion going about THE BIBLE mini-series.

i was amazed by the errors in it, not just historical and factual errors, but theological as well. no mention of sin, no mention of redemption or atonement. no old testament sacrificial system. jesus states that he came to "change the world".

sumtime ago i got turned onto PIRATE CHRISTIAN RADIO (a teaching/talk show), and they have spent 4 shows, 2 hours each, talking about this mini series.

the first thing i learned is that according to the producers of THE BIBLE their main theological advisors were rick warren, joel osteen and t.d. jakes. (the mystery is solved! lol)

i know we're not supposed to post outside links so i will obey the rules. if any1 is interested in listening to the shows you can download the mp3's by googling PIRATE CHRISTIAN RADIO, going into their archives and finding the episodes. they are titled:

1) Theological Errors of THE BIBLE - Part 1
2) Theological Errors of THE BIBLE - Part 2
3) History Channels Purpose-Driven Re-write of the Story of Sampson
4) Rick Warren's False Theology of THE BIBLE Movie

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 Re: THE BIBLE miniseries - theology?

is this topic off limits?

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by SkepticGuy on 2013/3/20 2:21:48

is this topic off limits?


Greetings S.G.

I don't think it is :) I know for myself I only watched the first episode and then did not feel led to watch more. I do see now in the news that the actor chosen to play satan has caused some stir not sure what to think about that...

my husband caught part of the episode where David was anointed and felt they had changed so much from the BIBLE that he had no further interest in giving it another chance.

God Bless

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Without the Spirit it is but hero worship and entertainment. Concerning the subject (the word of God), could we have really had expectations that this would be healthy? My fleshly expectations were doused when the Spirit spoke. When will I learn?

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 Re: THE BIBLE miniseries - theology?

I haven't seen any of it, but a friend who watched some of it told me that it appeared to them that it portrayed the God of the Bible as a cruel God drawing much attention to the slaughter orders that God gave to the children of Israel as if he were ordering them to bully their way into the place and take over by killing them off.

I don't know. I didn't see it. Most any thing that comes over the major popular media has a hidden adgenda even when it appears to be promoting the Bible.

Michael Strickland

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