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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Cyprus banks loot private citizens' bank accounts

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 Cyprus banks loot private citizens' bank accounts

"Under pressure from Germany, the government of the nation of Cyprus has looted all the bank accounts of private citizens, stealing as much as 10% of their current deposits to bail out globalist banks."

"Restrictions have been imposed to stop people emptying their accounts or moving their money out of the country following the deal with other eurozone finance ministers, under which ordinary citizens' deposits will be directly raided for the first time," reports the Daily Mail. Source:

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 Re: Cyprus banks loot private citizens' bank accounts

Greetings JoanM

I read this and was really shocked. I had no idea that any governments could do such a thing. Makes me wonder if we can be to far off from having this happen here. I use to tell my son to keep his money in a savings account but now I wonder if that was the best advice. Interesting times we live in for sure.

I can only imagine how hard for some families who barely make enough to make ends meet would struggle with such a thing happening. Imagine believing that you had enough money for food, rent, or to pay your bills only to find it gone by government approved thievery.

Thank you for posting and sharing this with us. It does give one pause, could this be a warning of things to come for us here in the US? Something to be in prayer about and to seek HIS leading on to be sure.

God bless

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For years, I have seen to it that I only keep a certain level of money in the bank, unless I'm honestly going to use it.

I mostly get cash in hand. But the fact is, the word of God tells us not to trust in uncertain riches, 1 Timothy 6:17.

The banks are a business, but this isn't how you make money, you just make enemies. After this, who would trust them?

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I read that Russia is not to happy about this. Apparently Putin condemned the action of the Cyprus bank account grab.
The article said : The Moody's rating agency said Russian deposits amounted to $12bn-$32bn coming from banks and $19bn from corporate clients.

Vladimir Putin, Russia's president, said the measure would be "unfair, unprofessional and dangerous". His prime minister, Dmitry Medvedev, said the move "was just like a confiscation of someone else's money". He warned Russia would have to "correct" its relationship with Cyprus if the measure were passed.


Makes me wonder where this might lead? I am just thankful GOD is still in control as this time in history unfolds...

God bless

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