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 Jesus Marveled

"When Jesus heard these things, He marveled at him, and turned around and said to the crowd that followed Him, “I say to you, I have not found such great faith, not even in Israel!”Luke 7:9
If you read the verses in this context (Luke 7:1-10)you will see this is where Jesus heals the Roman centurion's servant.Luke records that the centurion sent Jewish elders to make this request of Jesus.He felt he wasn't worthy to come in Jesus's presence and he wasn't worthy that Jesus should come under his roof.The elders said he was worthy and he himself say's he isn't.They said that the centurion loved Israel the nation and had built them a synagogue.
He said that he was a man under authority and that he had authority and he could give orders and it would be done.He knew that Jesus could give the command and his servant would be healed without being there and seeing the centurion or his servant.
Jesus said that He marveled at the Roman (Gentile)centurion's faith.This man must have known God's plan for Israel and the place of the Gentile nations in God's plan.It is evident that he knew who Jesus was and must have heard about what He had been doing and teaching.Jesus heals the servant and according to Luke's account Jesus never saw the centurion or the servant,only the Jewish elders.The centurion's attitude should have really been an example to these Jewish leaders and the people.
In Matthew's account in chapter 8 we see that Jesus goes on to say that many Gentiles will sit down with Abraham,Isaac and Jacob in the Kingdom,but many of Israel that should be there,didn't believe and would be cast out and not go into the Kingdom when Jesus will be ruling this earth.
This should also be the attitude of the nations today towards Israel,even though they are back in unbelief and many will not go into the kingdom and many are not saved today and in the Church,the nation itself is still being preserved for the believing remnant that will eventually look upon Him whom they pierced and accept Him as their Savior and King and a nation of Israel born in a day will go into the Kingdom when Jesus rules.

"And He marveled because of their unbelief. Then He went about the villages in a circuit, teaching."Mark 6:6

Now in contrast we see Jesus as He marveled at unbelief.It is recorded that Jesus only marveled twice.Once at the Roman centurion's belief and once here in Nazareth at the unbelief of the Jews and their leaders.He marveled at the ones in Israel who He had worked with for 2000 years,given them His Word,the prophets,the tabernacle,the temple,the priesthood,the kings,the offerings and sacrifices and the service of God,the covenants,the Law and the promises and they didn't recognize Him,but yet some of the Gentiles and especially this Roman centurion with great earthly authority and position recognized Him for who He was and new what His purpose in Israel was.
Yes Jesus Marveled.

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 Re: Jesus Marveled

Good point here.

The centurion had and possessed Great authority

He understood however (who stood before him)

and what real Authority ...he had.

The ego was gone. Your the one with true (authority)

This respect for WHO jesus was - and is

Bore great faith - in him.

he would only have to "speak the word" then his servant would be healed.

For if i have authority to say do this do that and it happens

How much MORE the Son!

whose authority is from ...Heaven (and of the father)

Bro Stephen

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