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 'Love is my religion' -Motto

An acquaintance of mine has been making some changes in her life. A few years ago she had a baby and 6 months ago she decided to go on a juicing kick and eat organically. I think she is become a vegan in reality. She has started holding classes on juicing and now is branching out and wanting to do yoga. She told me on FB that I was the only person who ever caution her on yoga meditation. ( Why does that not surprise me??). She is also indulging in this book about being and thinking positive even in a business atmosphere.

Recently she made a post in which all she said was 'Love is my religion'. I could help but think that although it sounds very noble she is very deceived. Yet, I understand why she says this. She is feeding her body good stuff giving her alot of energy. Her immune system is probably very strong, even though the crazy flu epidemic going on now. Couple this with the positivity of thinking, new marriage, kid, kid on the way and then yoga and she is ecstatic.

It caused me to wonder how a Christian shares Jesus with such an individual. I tend to think that in her mind 'love' has no boundaries whereas religion is set up with serious roadblocks. There, bringing in kind of religious talk into a love conversation would go nowhere.

I don't know if I will be able to say anything to her about Jesus or not but my post is more along the lines of pondering the what if's of this scenario. How does one approach this type of thing?



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