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Discussion Forum : General Topics : The impact of a godly mother upon the lives of her children

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11

 The impact of a godly mother upon the lives of her children

"Cowper's mother died when he was only six years old, yet so deep was the impression made upon him by her character, that he said there was not a day in all his manhood's years, when he did not remember and think of her. The memory of her tenderness hung over him like a soft summer sky. Will it be so, with the children who are playing now in our homes? Does the mother who reads these words so impress the tender lives of her children with the goodness of her own character, that the memory and the influence shall remain when their hairs are white with age and when she is long gone from earthly scenes?

One has written this testimony: 'Many a night, as I remember lying quietly in the little upper chamber, before sleep came on, there would be a gentle little footstep on the stair, the door would noiselessly open, and in a moment the well known form, softly gliding through the darkness, would appear at my bedside. First, there would be a few pleasant inquiries of affection, which gradually deepened into words of counsel. Then, kneeling, her head close to mine, her most earnest hopes and desires would flow forth in prayer. How largely a mother can wish for her boy! Her tears bespoke the earnestness of her desire. I seem to feel them yet, where sometimes they fell on my face. Rising, with a good night kiss, she was gone. The prayers often passed out of thought in slumber, and came not to mind again for years--but they were not lost. They were safely kept in some secret place of memory, for they reappear with a beauty brighter than ever. I willingly believe they were an invisible bond with heaven that secretly preserved me while I moved carelessly amid numberless temptations and walked the brink of crime.'

It would seem to be worth while for every mother to try to weave such memories into the early years of her children's lives. There is no surer way to bind them with chains of gold to God's throne. Where is the busy mother who cannot find time enough to spend thus a few moments every night with each child before it falls asleep, in sweet, loving talk; and tender, earnest prayer? Far down into the years, the memory of such sacred moments will go, proving thousands of times a light in darkness, an inspiration in discouragement, a secret of victory in hard struggle, a hand to restrain from sin in time of fierce temptation."

- J.R. Miller

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 Re: The impact of a godly mother upon the lives of her children


I want you to know,..I do appreciate the breath of refreshingt-thought that you have brought to the table.

May it be eaten by many,with shoes on our feet.

So needed ! Thank you


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 Re: The impact of a godly mother upon the lives of her children

This is wonderful. I am an extremely blessed husband who has a wife who does indeed pray with our son (he's 2.5) nearly every single night before he goes to bed. I work full time, 2pm-10pm and I often miss him going to sleep. I daily encourage my wife to do these things, and I have been blessed with her to no end it seems. Even the nights I am home for his bedtime, I sometimes am frustrated that he won't go down, and thus crumble under the temptation to just lie next to him or leave the room. Out of those instances, more than half of that time my wife comes in my stead. She is so wonderful. Also, I know of a couple who just had their first and would be greatly encouraged by this word. Children are a heritage from the Lord. Those hours they see us singing in family worship or reading Scripture in the morning and evening are pure gold for their upbringing. I am thankful to have had such encouragement on the front end of starting my family. Thanks so much!

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 Re: The impact of a godly mother upon the lives of her children

I can testify to the impact of godly parents and a godly mother in particular. My mom faithfully taught me, and demonstrated to me, God's ways when I was young. Sadly I still chased after the world and when I went my own way she faithfully prayed for my soul through many long years even though there was no glimmer of outward hope that I would ever turn around. She just kept right on praying and I'm convinced I wouldn't be here right now if it wasn't for those prayers. Thankfully she is still alive and I now return the blessing to her.

A godly mother has tremendous impact, don't you doubt it.

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

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