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Hi mama, I understand the question, and the answer is the same I think, it ultimately makes no difference. We have had men saved for 2000 years, and for most of those 2000 years the world was barbaric. Say for instance, your children were not following after God ( and I have no idea about your children) then, is that the world's fault ( which is wicked and always has been) or is that their own decision? Can we really say " if only the world was a better place, then my whoever would have a better walk with the Lord?" In every age, and believe me, there have been worse and more savage ages than this to be a Christian, men and woman have to choose to follow after God, and if they do not, they give account to God for their own lives. Does that make sense? I hope it does sister............bro Frank

 2013/3/14 14:24

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Well put, Bro Frank.....thank perhaps know that I have 2 prodigal sons.....I have been grappling with the "why" for a long time....but that is for another thread....

Just as an aside, I have hurriedly skimmed through the Pope's first homily or sermon to his church....on a hurried read, it sounded very Biblical to me.....I have many Catholic relatives who I love dearly....did I read that you are an ex-Catholic? I am trying to figure out what it is that finally breaks thru this cultish religiosity....

Thanks for what you share - it is always a blessing...

 2013/3/14 15:23Profile

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