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Discussion Forum : General Topics : “Jesus is Lord” is not apolitical

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 “Jesus is Lord” is not apolitical

Objection: “Christians should not get tangled up in politics, but should rather focus on preaching the Gospel.”

I would be very happy to agree to this if it were even possible. I challenge you to think of one area of your life that is not regulated or controlled by some form of civil government.

From the womb to tomb the government’s fingers are in your business. From the light-bulbs and toilets you install in your own home, to the food you purchase, to the water or milk or whatever you may drink, to the very air you breathe, the government is regulating all of it.

We’ve reached the point where it’s no longer unheard of, or even all that unusual, for “politics” to stomp on the scene with its iron feet and silence the Gospel.

What this Objection fails to realise is that the assertion that “Jesus is Lord” is not apolitical.

Rulers in rebellion toward God hear it as a threat. It is right for them to hear it as a threat because it is more than a threat, it is their downfall, their doom, and even if they don’t admit it, despots everywhere since the time of Christ have instinctively known it to be so.

Was David getting tangled up in politics when he urged Gentile kings to “Kiss the Son,” and to escape God’s wrath by trusting in Him? (Psalms 2:12) Was John the Baptist not focusing on the Gospel when he rebuked the pagan Edomite, King Herod, with the Law of God for marrying his brother’s wife? (Mark 6:17-19).

Colin Murray

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