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 Has Jim Cymbala Sold out?

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 Re: Has Jim Cymbala Sold out?

Mr. Cymbala has a very large congregation and a thriving world wide ministry. I can't speak from experience, but I give him this charity - I presume he doesn't have time to read and approve everything that is sold in the bookstore at his church. More than likely the church doesn't order books so much as it subscibes to publishers - that is, while they may make a point of acquiring certain tomes - the lion's share of what they sell is simply distributed by the various publisher's they subscribe to. I have never worked in a bookstore - but I nevertheless find it reasonable to presume that these books have likely found their way to the shelf through no direct, or even indirect knowledge of Mr. Cymbala.

One might suggest that in the grand sweep the leader of the church is personally responsible for everything in the church - a sentiment that is not entirely without merit; but I think I would hesitate before indicting Mr. Cymbala solely on the presence this material in the bookstore.

Perhaps, and this is just a suggestion, it would be wiser to write him a letter about it before publically calling his integrity into question?

What says the Spirit?


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Daniel van de Laar

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 Re: Has Jim Cymbala Sold out?

yikes man, i believe there is something in your eye... i've done my share of critizing and looking for errors in others, so i know where you are coming from when you pick out certain authors(jakes, osteen, and in the same breath... cymbala) and put them in such a dark place as if you have it ALL together. i have been there, and unfortunately, visit that place occasionally to this very day. in relation to jakes and osteen, i can say that, while they are far from perfect (as are you and me) they, especially jakes, have been used by god in my life. how in the world could that happen? if i were to throw out every author the minute i heard them say something i didn't approve of... there would be nothing to read. i might as well throw out the bible... after all, it was penned by men who aren't perfect and they may have added some of their own opionions in there. look at the men in the bible that god loved, called, used and forgave and blessed: moses, elijah, david, peter etc... david, a man after god's heart, literally screwed up big time. i suppose if the brooklyn tab sold a book written by him, king david, you would snarl at that too. have fun pointing your finger.

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 Re: not pointing....

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Brothers, we need to be careful what topics we bring up and the heart in which we bring them up. I'm not trying to be the boss or anything but you need to read the WARNINGS thread. . . .


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