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 There is real beauty in modesty...


I was out recently shopping and I happen to take notice of the new spring line of prom dresses. My husband remarked how he was really sadden to see how parents allow their young daughters to parade themselves for all the world to see. This years dresses or at least the ones that I saw were very inappropriate. I realize prom has become a huge money maker for many in the fashion business. Large amounts of money are spent on this one night and the dress is very important. I realize most young girls want to look their best but as parents can't we share with our daughters that looking beautiful does not mean they have to attempt to be "sexy" by the worlds standard. There is real beauty in being modest. How we dress, how we behave, what we do and allow in these types of situations can be life changing events that these young girls should be shielded from. Saving yourself for that special guy that GOD has in store for you to marry at some later time can be ten times more meaningful then prom night...

I wonder if every father would just take a moment and remember exactly what was on their mind the night they attended prom if that would change or influence how they let their baby girls go out dressed??

Just some things on my mind

God bless

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 Re: There is real beauty in modesty...

It is SO TRUE, MaryJane that there is real beauty in modesty! Even in wedding garments in the last several years, the fashions are so bad that if a person wants a modest wedding, the ladies' garments have to be special made.

I got married in 2002 and my wife had trouble finding descent clothing for the ladies.

Actually I personally don't see why a Christian would want his child to attend a prom in the first place. About 100 years ago (back when churches had morals) most all evangelical churches preached that Christians should never attend such dances. After all ... what kinds of emotions get stirred? Now it is so common that it is even happening in the churches.

Recently I read of a new "harlem shake" dance that is wild lewd sexually suggestive type of dance that is even becoming popular in church youth groups and "Christian" colleges (supposedly fundamental ones at that). They are making videos in such houses of worship with their youth half naked shaking to the world's beat, but yet like all such worldly things, it gets "justified" and looked upon as "OK" and "acceptable behavior".

We are getting SO accustomed to the dark that outright filth is becoming "OK" amongst "fundamental Christians".

The churches were much better off 100 and 200 years ago when the pastors shot at anything worldly that wiggled (like going to proms, immodest clothes, etc.). When the church lowered its standards, the world lost all respect for us! It has made it much harder to convince people in the world that they need to prepare to give an answer to a Holy God when holy living is not practiced in the churches.

Michael Strickland

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 Re: There is real beauty in modesty...

Mary Jane and Lorddoitagain,

I want to say AMEN,and AMEN to both of these post's.

The Lord told me one day,in a very gentle Spirit,..He said,"The ways of this world,are not my ways."

I next thing I am saying is to mothers,...grandmothers too

Children need to be taught,the RICHNESS of modesty verses the
CHEAPNESS of emmodesty....that the world has switched the meaning of true beauty and that we cannot depend on the world's view. ..the fashions
Of this world

Sometime though,it is a real battle,but if we must battle,..then battle,..for their good that our children will not go to waste,that we will not go with the world's trend and dictates.

what a great responcability !


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Thank for sharing what you are seeing in these things. I just read an article about how the world is attempting to reach girls with the notions of needing to be "sexy" at even younger ages. The article mentioned how bathing suits were now coming fitted with padded tops to give girls as young as eight more of a figure...who would but this for their daughter at such a young and tender age? What would be the purpose of such a garment on one so young?? It is truly heartbreaking to see our children being used and abused in such ways. For little girls especially these kinds of images an attitudes instilled so young can be so harmful... I just keep praying.

God bless

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