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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Homeschool Family Lives Comfortably on $14k/year

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 Homeschool Family Lives Comfortably on $14k/year

For Jason and Danielle Wagasky, $14,000 is enough for their family of four to live comfortably and debt-free all year.

According to 2012 federal guidelines, a family of four living on $14,000 a year puts them $9,000 below the poverty line. The median household income in the U.S. was $50,054 in 2011, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, but the Wagasky family’s frugal approach has them living a life that is “blissful and domestic,’’ according to the title of Danielle’s blog.

For four years, the couple and their kids, Keigan and Libby, have managed with careful planning, using a clothes line in lieu of a dryer and making their own laundry soap. Danielle, 28, shares her tips for frugal living on her blog, writing about how she learned to cook and how her husband built their kitchen.
“I’m happier this way,’’ Danielle told TODAY Friday. “I feel like we’re happier. We’re a better family.” ...

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 Re: Homeschool Family Lives Comfortably on $14k/year

we know many families who attempt to live this way, and i applaud them for putting their children first and for the sacrifices they make. however, every single family we know who attempt to live like this also receive food stamps, wic, and other government subsidies. they also receive free health care. lets not forget college educations for the kids. on $14k the kids will go to college basically for free. all of which come from taxpayers in this country. so when u add all this to the $14k they make their income is actually closer 2 double that amount. i don’t know about the family in this story, they didn’t mention any government subsidies and i do not want to assume anything. i’m speaking of those families we know who attempt to live the exact same way.

i personally do not applaud any1 who lives on government subsidies while claiming 2 have found a way to survive on such a low income. if they are receiving government subsidies then they are not surviving on a low income, they are surviving on the hard work of others which is no biblical.

again, not laying that on the people in this article. i dont know if THEY are doing this. but most families who brag about living on so little really are not.

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