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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Ken Ham Calls Out Evangelical Leaders Who 'Undermine the Word of God'

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 Ken Ham Calls Out Evangelical Leaders Who 'Undermine the Word of God'

A noted biblical apologist and expert on creationism is calling out several of his colleagues. An audience of some 300 people at the recent National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) convention in Nashville were shocked to learn of the number of evangelical leaders who don’t believe in a literal 6 days of creation narrative.

At the recent NRB convention Ken Ham, president and founder of Answers in Genesis and the Cincinnati-based Creation Museum, gave a lecture entitled, “The Age of the Earth, Biblical Authority, and the Downfall of the USA.”
During his presentation Ham showed video clips of prominent evangelicals to illustrate how some modern Christian theologians are, what he calls, compromising the Word of God. ...

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 Re: Ken Ham Calls Out Evangelical Leaders Who 'Undermine the Word of God'

Well, Ken does have something of a vested interest in this issue.


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tmk... i'm a little surprised at your comment which implies that ken hamm is more concerned with the success of his ministry than he is with the truth of the word. i have followed this topic for a couple years now and ken is absolutely correct in his argument. his argument is not only biblical, but logical as well.

have we evolved so far in our super superior spirituality here in sermonindex that we can now cast aspirtions on men who are serving god and taking a stand for his word?

god has done many wonderful things through ken hamm and his ministry and we are all better off for it.

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Hey SG...

You are correct...i should not have said what I did.

The problem is, however.that Ken is also casting aspersions on his fellow brothers in the Lord.

Does he really have the right to call out men like John Piper?

Ken does not believe there is liberty on this particular issue. His suggestion that a person (especially a person like Piper) who believes in an old earth is somehow denigrating the gospel is, to me, ridiculous.

All that being said.i do believe that it is difficult for a minister who has taught and believed a certain way to change their position on a certain issue that may affect their ministry. Using John PIper as an example, he is a major calvinist(which i happen to disagree with). If he were somehow in his heart convinced that this doctrine might not be true, it maybe hard for him to come out and say so, because of the amount he has written and preached in support of calvinism. The same might be true for a mainline pastor who becomes convinced that the traditional view of hell might not be correct. He may dare not share such a belief if he wants to keep his ministry.

Just some musings.


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 Re: Wrong Emohasis

There is an undermining of the word of God. But the emphasis is not on the creation issues of Genesis. The emphasis is on the Person and Work of Jesus Christ. The emphasis is on Jesus Christ being the inky watmy to salvation. The emphasis is on the resurrevmction of Jesus Christ. In other words the emphasis is Jesus Christ.

I would suggest, respectfully, that Ken Hann and other creation apologist have little understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the issues that confront it. Right now a deceptive teaching called "hyper grace" is impacting the body if Christ and tbis is far more deceptive then the Genesis issues.

Again these are my thoughts.


Even if there is an old earth that still does not shake my faith. My faith is founded on the resurrection if Jesus Christ. Not the age of the earth.

So for those who desire to destroy Christianity. Produce the body kf Jesus and you will have destroyed 2000 years of faith and proved the apostles liars.

I ask any takers.


 2013/3/8 19:56

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