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Discussion Forum : General Topics : What think ye of tweeting and blogging???

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Son Of Thunder i come from a land down under, due south at the bottom of your work globes

 What think ye of tweeting and blogging???

Personally speaking i accept social media networking is a modern Day reality and phenomenon! it appears its here to stay and furthermore can give people a "voice" a "following" and also enables and empowers others to track my activities, thoughts, words, and movements:

So that being said (on its usefulness) im definitely NOT here to throw a wet blanket over it ...let alone call it wrong or evil. (No sir)

But if your reading this article and thinking im just waiting for the penny to drop ...and for you to speak out - against it?

Yes you have me pegged ( what can i say )

But Here's the thing though: And where "i" personally find some of it to be a bit on the nose! and is why i switch off from from some tweets (period)

And its when people tweet (and this includes pastors) that they:

" love the wife" "miss the kids"

"plane was 2 hours late - but just made it to pastors conference"

"trapped at airport, , plane delayed ( but cant wait to see my

"home now - great to be re united with wife and family"

"preaching at power conference for 3 days at bethel family church"

"then fly to singapore for missions conference"

"after this pastors and leaders conference south africa"

Ive read tweets similiar to this by pastors and ministers.

Not uncommon at all. And I accept. that immediate family and close friends "might" be interested - and follow such on- going tweets.

Where i depart and have a problem is ...if they think "there following" is such ...we are actually intetested in knowing *the plane was delayed* and there jet lagged, not to mention all the personal love expressions towards the wife ( and that we ought to know of it - and thus be clued up accordingly.

Well is this a classic case of an over inflated and self-deluded sense of "self importance"

Or is it really SOT ( being too harsh and lacking understanding) here?

However heres the thing if i tweeted or posted that im overseas and miss the wife and kids
(who would care)??
i slept through the alarm and missed the plane flight ( who would care) ?
seriously should i expect such tweeting to be followed?
You tell me? Does tweeting and social media followings go to far?

Bro Stephen

 2013/3/7 3:54Profile

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 Re: What think ye of tweeting and blogging???

Funny topic:)

When Twitter first became mainstream a few years ago, there were discussions about how it attracted insecure people who needed to be visible at all times to others or they would "cease to exist." I remember one commentator who flatly said "Nobody would Twitter is they had a strong sense of identity."

Today I do think people use it out of a sense of social media identity, which apparently is more important then your physical identity. A young person today can feel they are invisible if they aren't on as many channels as possible. Accordingly there is social media aggregating software that allows you to upload one post to umpteen channels simultaneously. (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, Vine, ad nauseum.)

It's all kind of tedious!

Growing up on social media, the next generations will probably be much more receptive to giving up their rights to privacy, (along with other common-sense civil protections) just for the right to gain a dozen followers or to post ironic pictures of themselves wearing Justin Bieber t-shirts.


Mike Compton

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Lakeland FL


You can tell who uses social media and for what purpose simply by what they post. You can tell when someone just wants to be noticed. When someone is just inquiring. When someone wants to teach something. It gets annoying for many people because many people just want to be noticed.

I am a media junkie myself. I surf social media but I usually look for articles to read and others opinions on stuff. Even on my blog I follow 11 people and they are people who have a different opinion from me so I read and find out what makes them tick. Kind of like thinking outside the box.

social media can be fun for if you are watching a show and see the hashtag you can go to twitter, or even facebook, and converse with people about what you are watching. Many times these people can be of like mind as well.


 2013/3/8 21:15Profile

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