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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Florida sink hole swallows man & house (both)

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Son Of Thunder i come from a land down under, due south at the bottom of your work globes

 Florida sink hole swallows man & house (both)

From a news and current event standpoint only this story i bring to your ears and attention has gone worldwide.

Its quite shocking actually that a gaping hole ...can appear and open up

and as a result of it - - part of a house and the occupant are not only
swallowed up ....but neither ...authorities nor emergency service workers can find the body.

taking into account of course all of the modern technology available.

that must be some sink hole! (no)?

And furthermore about this incident someone was quoted as saying " Florida is famous for bugs, alligators, pythons, hurricanes, and now sinkholes.

Furthermore another gaping hole (sinkhole) has also been discovered some 3 miles away ...from this sinkhole (and in florida)

On a similiar note and strictly from a biblical perspective there were once an occasion when 3 rebels in the camp disputed moses as being leader of God's people. They were defiant and issued a challenge to the man of God.
(falsely accusing him of being lifted up ...over the whole congregation)

But the short of it ..this...after having confronted moses over the issue

Lo and behold a sink hole appeared:

And the Earth opened up her mouth, and swallowed them up, and their houses, along with there valuables and all them associated with korah.

Yea they, and all associated with this rebellion ( in the camp )
went down alive into the pit, and the earth closed up her mouth upon them.

The sink hole incident reminded me of the rebellion of korah:

And often we think yep "touch not God's annointed"


But in the new testament were all God's annointed!

you say proof text me on that one (pastors and prophets) are only.

You have an unction from the holy one...but the anointing which ye have recieved of him abideth in you ( 1 john 2:20, 27)

This is why some people are not afraid to say things to people considered (deemed) not to be in leadership ( well he is just a lay person therefore if  i oppose him ...nothing will happen (there will be no consequences) therefore i will say what i want to them and him.

Is it different though: if they have a title or rank beside there name.

Speakest thou this against the high priest?

and subsequently jesus was rebuked accordingly.

but if there just a nominal christian we with " gay abandon" just dump and unload on them??

Well he's certainly no one one important.

I can say anything to them ( afterall) there not a pastor.

How deluded and mis-guided we become when we think this way.

spiritual food 4 thought. (indeed)

Bro Stephen

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Lakeland FL

 Re: Florida sink hole swallows man & house (both)

This event is a 30 drive from where I live. I is a common occurrence at certain times of the year. Mostly in the dry season but having someone killed like this is very uncommon. A few year ago we had these things open up from Plant City eastward to Lake Wales because strawberry farmers were using alot of water to spray their fields to protect from a couple of cold front that came through. It causes sinkholes to form.

A result of this was that my insurance company cancelled all house policies in my county. I was angry, upset, bummed but what could I do? House insurance is a requirement in the state of Florida.


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I think God allows certain events in the world to happen (Note:I did not say he made it happen, He allowed it to happen),why did it happen? Who knows, could be human interference with nature, the devil who comes to kill steal and destroy???? Regardless I believe that this sort of thing can back up events like Korea in the OT (mentioned by the opening post) and help to open up dialogue in society for us to validate the Bible among the unsaved and give them something to think about.

BTW sorry about your insurance situation.


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Joined: 2005/3/31
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Son Of Thunder i come from a land down under, due south at the bottom of your work globes

 Re: Florida sink hole swallows man & house (both)

Thanks for your interest in the post. As i said my mind immediately was taken back to what happen with Dathan in the book of numbers.

However i Wasnt suggesting in any way,shape, or form..that this incident was (of) God or God related in terms of some kind of judgment.

( I do want to be crystal clear about that) just for the record:

I saw something in this ...that simply reminded me of the korah situation(from the Bible)

It would be a terrible thing for anyone to suffer and happen to:

And a tragedy the body cant be found or recovered.

With news stories and major events that happen in the world i endeavor to put a biblical context on it ...where and "if" applicable.

However, im also not suggesting ( in doing this) every major news story that unfolds is a "sign of the end" times either

Again i say this ...just for the record.

Thanks for contributing Guys !! appreciate it.

Bro Stephen

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