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 Experiencing God vs. experiencing spirituality

I was exposed to a post on FB in which a girl I know is taking to meditation and yoga. I noticed the road to this started with juicy and then to positivity quotes. And now meditation to which I cautioned her on this. I gave her link to an article on it knowing that my window to outreach would be very limited. Meaning, one screw up and my witness of her of the open door to the occult will be closed.

She stated that my warning was only my interpretation which is a very convenient to push someone's warning away and to say that I really don't know what I am talking about.

In light of this, how prevalent do we find people using yoga meditation for rest their minds and calm their bodies down while unknowingly opening themselves up to spiritual wickedness. Yet, has anyone who has done yoga meditation every become possessed with a spirit or had evidence that something spiritual is around them as a result of the practice?

Contrast this with meditation on God. That kind of meditation is simply reflecting upon God's Word. A renewing of the mind and keeping the mind occupied vs. blanking it out and yet why is yoga meditation more popular than biblical meditation? Is there more power in it? Is it seen as more secular or non religious? I tend to think so and I wonder if this is why more people do it because it doesn't set someone up as a religious person because even Atheist's probably practice this stuff.



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