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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11

 "Speak" - poem

Is there a revelatory word in you
which God has given you ?

But you have not spoken it out?
You have squashed it down...
deep down where it cannot get out?

You want to speak it out.
You want to get it out.
You want to shout it out from the roof tops
But you cannot.

But dear Christian... It is not because you cannot.
It is because you do not.
For the fear of men...
is greater than the fear of God.
Shame on you.

But let me tell you something Christian
Your fear is unfounded.
Your fear is un-noteworthy.
Your fear is based on pride.
And was it not pride that caused satan's fall.

Your fear of speaking out is based
on the fact that you...
have forgotten to Fear God alone.
You have forgotten that God is mighty
God is an all consuming fire
Gods power is all powerful and
stretches through heaven
like a robe of majesty.
Oh that we could see and fully understand
the power of our Almighty God.

So change your gaze sir.
Change your gage madam.
Turn your head.
Focus on Christ instead.

For He and He alone
has the power to cast a soul into hell.
but He wishes that all should be saved
He desires that all should not perish
but all to come to repentance.
And repentance leads to salvation.

And when your gaze is set like a flint
so fully focused on the face of Christ
Dear Christian
You will no longer be afraid

And when you seek His face alone
A boldness will fall on you like a flood
You will speak the Word of God
to those who are lost.

And many are perishing.

So speak out what God has given you
lined up with His Word
correctly dividing the Word of God
Do not add to it
Nor take away it
That His boldness will fall on you.

This boldness is from God
for you have finally trusted God
in all things.

Now you see...
It is Him
not you
it is He Himself
Though we are weak
He is strong.

He is the Lion of Judah.
And He is the lamb of God.
He is the radiance of heaven.
He is the wrath of God with a sword in His mouth
He is the love of God
He is all that is Holy
He is the Word
He is the Light that came down from God
He is our Savior
Our suffering servant
who was humbly nailed
upon the cross of our sin
That our sins be crushed completely
And our souls be saved.
Praise God! Praise God!

Only Fear Him.
He loves you.
Repent from sin.
That you will not perish.

He will speak through you.
He will speak to you.
He will move you and move in you.
And He will guide you.

Listen to HIM and follow HIM.

Listen... really Listen to Him.

He is our good shepherd.

He says of His sheep... "My sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow me."

Do not be afraid little sheep
For your God is big.

Do not be afraid...
of anything on earth
or in the sky
or in the sea
or on the land
neither creature
nor man...

nor anything which is visible
or invisible

But God.
God alone.
Fear God.
that you live and not die
that you should declare the wondrous
works of God.

Be not ashamed little one.
Be not afraid.
For our God is Big.

Do not fear any man.
Let God be true and all men liars... as the scriptures tell us.
For man is like a ship upon the sea
constantly correcting his course
constantly looking for that which he cannot see....
but hopes to see.

But God on the other hand... knows all
sees all and is everywhere at once. He even knows the future.
There is nothing hidden from God
There is absolutely NOTHING hidden from God.

God's Word Jesus Christ is the Alpha and Omega
the beginning and the End.

Place your trust in Him.






Have your being in Him.

In Christ.

In Jesus Christ alone


and "Speak".


Holy is the Lamb who was slain for the sins of the World.

Holy, Holy, Holy is He.


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