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 Teen Mania/Ron Luce/Acquire The Fire:Opinions and thoughts

My daughter has the opportunity to attend a missions project with Teen Mania, but I have been unable to find very little info on its organization other then hype from the organization itself. The one trip that she was most interested in (Botswana) is held at a mission called Love Botswana Mission Outreach. Through their news letter I noticed that they have some ties with Word of Faith minister Marilyn Hickey and Joel Osteen...any related info or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Acquire The Fire ministry project had carried a 22 million dollar budget in 1999 and I am sure it has doubled since then. My concerns are of its this just another money generating ministry that presents the shadow of the Cross or is it the real deal that actually attempts to peer through the vail of the Holy of Holies....thanks scott

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 Re: Teen Mania/Ron Luce/Acquire The Fire:Opinions and thoughts


I have only limited experience with them. We have been to their annual events called Acquire the Fire. I would say that for the most part are very genuine. Yes, there is a small degree of hype associated with this ministry. It is sad to say that there are not many out there where you cannot find some degree of hype. (I am not trying to justify the hype at all.) I have been to their event several times and have always been greatly encouraged. The event is probably 60% teaching, 30% praise and worship, 5% hype (mixture of drama, pyro, and some other stuff) 5% concert. The teaching is very accurate and straight forward in my opinion.

Regards to missions. I know of 2 people that have gone with Teenmania on mission trips. Both saw the Lord move greatly. They see many come to know the Lord, they see people healed, and all kinds of things. As far as money. The mission trips are definitely not a money maker for the organization. Take a look at the cost of these trips and compare look on the web for airline tickets to the same place. You will see that the costs are in line.

I believe that your daughter would be greatly blessed on this trip, but far more important than my opinion is, What has the Lord said for you to do? Seek Him and He will direct you on this issue.


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