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 The Voice of God by Leonard Ravenhill

The Voice of God by Leonard Ravenhill

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Some notes starting at 49:30 into the message

The greatest thing in the world is to hear the voice of God as far as I am concerned. My heart dances with joy when I hear His voice. I would rather hear God's voice in rebuke than anybody else's voice in flattery. If he rebukes me, He loves me. If I'm coasting on and it's all so easy, forget it. We should be able to kiss the rod. His correction is to move us to perfection...perfect in love...perfect in obedience...perfect in doing His will.

You take on the atmosphere in which you are born. If you get born in a worldly church, you will be worldly all your life til the Holy Ghost gets a hold of you.

Isn't it something now? We have a sanctified bowling alley next to the church. They opened a bowling alley and asked somebody to pray over it. I think they got mixed up. You know they read about Peter. It said he was bold. They got it all mixed up. All those things are going to dry up before long. There's going to be a sudden surge into maturity. When I became a man…. You remember the day when you gave up every blessed thing that was a hindrance to you. (Now) you won't give it up. Don't pray about it. You don't need to pray about it. All you have to do is to be obedient.

You don't need to ask God if you need to keep the Ten Commandments. You better keep them or you will be in trouble. I chased some of you who don't keep the Sabbath.

Don't you pray for a loved or someone else when you are fooling around on Sundays and won't keep the sabbath. Some of you go to movies on Sunday night.

You, keep the sabbath day holy. Some of you who used to come here a lot said: "I don't think I need to keep the Sabbath Days. It's Old Testament." Your neighbor thinks they don't have to keep the other Ten Commandments like "Thou shalt not commit adultery". You break one commandment. He breaks the other. If you break one, you are guilty of all.

God hangs revival on the keeping of the sabbath. Read Isaiah 58.

"Take your foot from my sabbath". That's when football is you see.

"Take your foot from doing your pleasure on my holy day".

The sabbath (not half of it) is God's tithe on your time. It's His for twenty-four hours. It's not giving God the Sunday morning service and next a buck in the offering and then dashing off to Campden Fair amongst all the junk.

Now, I talk straight...

The Christian life will only work one way and that is God's way.

God is not committed to bless anything you do that's outside of His Word and His Will. Whether you like it or not isn't the point.

He has said it: If you love Him, you will keep His commandments. I believe that means the Decalogue or the Ten Commandments as well as the new commandment that we should love one another. There's a needy world outside.

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