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 The American Patriot's Gospel

Yesterday when I was looking up a Bible verse online, I saw an advertisement for "The American Patriot's Bible." I read the description, watched part of the video, turned it off, and continued with what I was doing. Later at night God stopped me, saying He wanted to respond to the "Patriot's Bible" and wanted me to paint a picture.

I looked and saw what seemed to be an old battle-torn American flag, somehow on top of a Bible. At first I assumed it was the famous Fort McHenry flag which I had seen many times at the Smithsonian's American History Museum in Washington D.C., but that wasn't it. And it wasn't a regular painting He wanted me to do.

After I prayed and asked more, He asked me to do this:

"Take a Bible and open it to John 18,
for My people in America have judged My Son,
rejected and condemned His teaching.

Cut out verses 11 and 36,
for America was founded with the sword,
a kingdom of this world established with violence.

Burn the edges of the Bible,
for the fire of the passion of their patriotism
is stronger than their passion for My Son.

Paint an American flag over the gospel,
for American Christianity sees 'Old Glory' first
and reads the scripture as through a veil.

Paint the white stripes with white-out,
for belief in American righteousness is used
to whitewash its history and My words.

Use a New Testament that you received freely,
for I gave you the New Covenant freely through Christ's blood,
but America replaced it with a freedom earned by its own blood.

Woe! Since the beginning American Christians
have defiled My word and profaned My name
by shedding blood for the sake of their own gain!"


But Lord, I protested, I don't want to do this to a Bible! It hurts!

"This is what they have done to My word. It hurts Me, too."

But I don't want to offend anyone, Lord...

"They don't worry about offending Me."

I obeyed, and I wept.


SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2013/1/21 23:18Profile

 Re: The American Patriot's Gospel

I pledge allegiance to the Lord Jesus Christ, King of Earth and Heaven, and to the people for which He shed His blood; one nation, under God Almighty, indivisible, with liberty and grace for all. Hallelujah Jesus!!!

 2013/1/22 0:42

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