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 The night before Sunday's sermon

"It makes a world of difference what the attitude of that corporate fellowship is. If they are sitting with arms folded, looking cynical, looking at their watches, thinking that it is ‘just another sermon,’ then that is exactly what they will get. But if they feel that this is a once-and-for-all occasion that will not be given again and that the man who has come has been sent, then it will affect the character and the quality of the word that issues out of the man’s mouth.

A lot of us, who are mumbling under our breaths and holding the preacher at fault for the failure really to deliver the goods, do not know to what degree we are affecting the spoken word. The Lord may be chastening an entire fellowship by the diminishing of the word through the minister, who accepts it as being somehow his own failure. It is a humiliation that he has to bear in the office that he is functioning in. It may be the result of his own failure, but equally that of the fellowship that fails to understand the significance of the spoken word.

What we do on Saturday night or before a meeting will adversely affect our ability to hear the word and respond to it. If we were watching television and think nothing of indulging ourselves in totally unspiritual conduct, and think that the pastor will bring the goods the next morning, then we will be dulling our spirits. God will not accommodate an attitude of indifference or carnal mindset. We should be up the night before on our knees, if not our faces, praying for the word the next day" (Excerpts from Art Katz - Preachers of Righteousness).

 2013/1/16 22:17

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