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 True heroes are found in the secret place

"In the battlefields of the spiritual world the true heroes are often the unseen by the world. These are the ones often touched by heaven, who breathe the rarefied air of the secret place of the Most High" -Unknown

I was thinking about the importance of prayer the other day when hearing a sermon on the Moravian Church during the 1700's. Their testimony is unbelievable, their commitment and sacrifice for the lost souls of humanity were heavenly, and I believe their success was grounded and rooted in the fact that they were anointed with the Holy Spirit and had a 24 HR prayer watch everyday for 100 years (Denny Kenaston's sermon on the Moravian Church). The present day Chinese church also is committed to prayer and they have what they call "praying spiritual elders" in their church, almost every minute that they are awake they are praying. When one of Charles Finney's public church meetings started Father Nash would not usually attend, but kept praying in his closet for the convicting power of the Holy Spirit to fall on the crowd and melt their hearts. When opposition arose Father Nash would pray all the harder. There are many more examples of the prayers of the righteous accomplishing much. Also, there are many saints who believe in "praying through", that is praying until they receive the answer from the throne of God.

Father Nash's grave is in a neglected cemetery almost on the border of Canada in northern New York. The tombstone reads:


Laborer with Finney

Mighty in Prayer

Nov. 17, 1775 - Dec. 20, 1831


Lord, do it again! Lord do it AGAIN!!! Kenneth

 2013/1/15 23:29

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 Re: True heroes are found in the secret place

Thank you for the encouraging and convicting post...I invite you to sign up for an hour (or more) to pray on Brother Dan Biser's prayer watch - he has posted on SI in the past asking for prayer warriors - at

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 Re: True heroes are found in the secret place

great post,

I had never heard of Daniel Nash before this post.

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mama27: Adam Kautz and I helped Meri Beth and Dan get the site up and running. I am seeking God about my involvement again with the watch. Right now I am involved with 4 prayer groups. Please pray that they Lord gives me clear direction in managing my time for His purpose, perfect will and glory. Thank you for the words of encouragement and prayers. Kenneth

 2013/1/16 0:26

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Oh, I didn't mean to burden you Kenneth....thank you so much for your help with the website. Certainly God doesn't care which group we pray with :) May God give you clear wisdom on this...God bless...

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