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 Psalm 150-Praise the Lord

Praise the Lord of the morning
When the sun rises from its sleep
Praise the Lord for His excellent greatness
For His beauty makes me weep

Praise the Lord when the darkness falls
And the moon rises high above
Praise the Lord for His majestic glory
And His everlasting love

Praise the Lord in the winter
When the snow falls on the ground
Praise the Lord for His glorious presence
When we stand upon holy ground

Praise the Lord of the springtime
When the blossoms on the tree
Praise the Lord for His holiness
And for the Blood that set us free

Praise the Lord of the summer
When the days are warm and long
Praise the Lord for His magnificent splendor
And the saints shall sing a new song

Praise the Lord of the Autumn
When the leaves fall to the ground
Praise the Lord for His faithfulness
And that His grace abounds

Praise the Lord when your happy
And there’s a smile upon your face
Praise the Lord for His mercy
And for His saving grace

Praise the Lord when you’re in despair
And your pierced by a fiery dart
Praise the Lord for His loving kindness
That restores your broken heart

Praise the Lord with your last breath
As you lie upon your bed
Praise the Lord for His promises
To raise you from the dead

Praise the Lord for all eternity
As you gather around His throne
Praise the Lord for His incredible beauty
As you worship Him alone

Let trumpet, harp and timbrel praise
And dance before the King
Let all with breath praise the Lord
And with their voices sing

Hallelujah to the King of Kings
We worship and bow down
We sing to you forever more
And we will crown Him with many crowns

 2013/1/13 1:15

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 Re: Psalm 150-Praise the Lord

What a wonderful hymnic poem of worship, Frank!

Isaac Watts would agree!

Blessings, my friend:)


Mike Compton

 2013/1/13 1:34Profile

Joined: 2003/11/23
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I agree!

Frank, I have been very blessed by your poems. In fact, I recently tried to use Google in an effort to search for some of them (but I only found a few). Perhaps you should gather them together in one place (or book)?

Thanks again for sharing!


 2013/1/13 1:45Profile

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hi, what a wonderful talent God has given you . your poems are wonderful. 45 years ago , while at loyola in n.o. i roomed with a jesuit brother(electician) from a famous n. o. family. he had a terrible spirit about him (dogs would growl or babies would cry when he entered)he got wonerfully saved and filled with the Spirit and one night he came home and told me that the flamingos in the zoo accross the street were praising the Lord. i told him he was nuts and he asked me to call my fiancee(head res. of the girls dorm) and we could go see. we went and when we were about 50 yards away from the pond where 40 or so flamingos were still.he whispered to them and asked them to praise the Lord. they all got up and formed a line one behind the other and spread their wings and marched honking around the could hear other animalsroaring and bleating .let everything that has breathe praise the Lord.jimp

 2013/1/13 4:16Profile

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hi, i feel like i killed this wonderful poem with my longwinded post so i am bumping it.jimp

 2013/1/13 13:29Profile


HI Chris, it made me smile when you said that I should gather them together in a one place or a book:) This is a link to most poems I have written and this is a link to the book that was published last year " A poem for every Psalm."

Every poem in the book can be freely read in the first link and freely copied and distributed. Thank you Jimp for your kind words and bumping it back up. God bless you guys.

 2013/1/13 16:29

Joined: 2003/11/23
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Wow -- this is fantastic! My wife and I read through the Book of Psalms at least once per year. Lately, we have also been reading through many of the hymns found in an old hymn book that we have. She is impressed by the hunger and passion for Jesus that she says "gushes" from many of them.

When I first met the Lord, I had a large binder in which I kept a daily journal that was mostly comprised of poems and songs for about about the Lord. When I was going through different things, I would refer back to those things that I wrote and they would often "trigger" an emotion in my heart (often reminding me of what I felt when I wrote it).

When our family moved during high school, my binder came up missing. I was very sad at having lost so many of those things that I wrote.

I am glad that you have safeguarded these words and gathered them together in a collection with which to share. This would make a great addition in our little library for us to read.


 2013/1/14 14:00Profile


Thank you Chris,

How awesome that you and your wife read through the book of Psalms every year. How awesome to have a wife to share the word and pray together. As you may or may not know, my own wife of 31 years is not saved so when I hear about husbands and wives praying and reading together, I think about how fortunate and blessed Christians couples are to be able to do this. Please feel free to share any poem brother, I never really liked the idea of a book for sale, that is why I have made the poems available for free as well. Needless to say I have not made any money from this book and have given away more books than have sold :)................bro Frank

ps If a man wanted to make the New York Times best seller list, a book of poems would not be the way to go :)

 2013/1/14 16:29

Joined: 2005/6/18
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poems are made by fools like me but only God can make a tree. ilove your poems and think you could make some dough if you teemed up with a writer of christian you.jimp

 2013/1/14 16:33Profile


Hi jimp, here are couple of my poems put to music, may they bless you brother..........bro Frank

 2013/1/14 17:01

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