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Thank you pp
When I was younger I thought organic gardening is more for the "tree huggers " etc.
But over the years I learned that if we garden the the way God planed it and eat the food the way He created it, it is best, it is truly a Master plan that fits together. You might know that, may be a few decades ago , some of the healthiest people on this planet lived in Hunza in the northern part of Pakistan . They were very poor then and more or less lived off the land. I was able to visit the area a few years ago. Things have changed a bit now and the locals told me that bad food has a bad influence.

If once we can see a perfect master plan then it becomes obvious that if we start to modify this perfect plan it can't be good anymore.I'm obviously referring to GMO, but I don't want to go too much off topic here.

"In the beginning GOD created ..." and His testimony is clearly visible today !

 2016/3/18 2:08

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