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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Piper Denounces Prosperity Preachers, Playful Worship in Last Sermon

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hi, in both you enter into a covenant relationship,hopefully with the shedding of blood, to the end of life, in both it is love that keeps each both(and you can believe me ) there is a cost for both we become one flesh.hid with Christ in God...etc. many things are the same.jimp adam knew eveintimately and we must know Jesus intimately as He must know us the know Him.... depart...for i never knew you...

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Dear jimp,

Thank you for the reply. I appreciate your heart and truly know that we should be quite careful in how we speak of others. I grew up in a godly home where Charles Stanley was highly respected, and I was very surprised by the statements that I read in his book, Eternal Security. I have tried contacting him with my concerns but received no reply.

I am not trying to slander anyone and have no hard feelings towards Mr. Stanley, but the doctrine he promotes is not the Gospel. I would encourage you to read the book if you have not and you feel it is an important issue. True godly brothers over the centuries have differed on the question of whether or not a believer can lose his salvation. But what is promoted in this book is something different than the historical doctrine of the perseverance of the saints.

What is promoted in this book is what I posted before, namely that "there are Christians who show no evidence of their Christianity". That is a direct quote in its proper context from the book Eternal Security. This is not merely a matter of whether a believer can lose his salvation, which is debatable. It is a matter of whether you can be a Christian and have no evidence of Christ in your life. The Scriptures are clear that a man who is a believer will bear fruit. Orthodox, historical Christianity would label the doctrine that a Christian can show no evidence of his Christianity as a heresy. Calvinists and non-Calvinists alike have denounced this doctrine.

Are you disagreeing with the idea that a true Christian will bear fruit, or are you merely saying that Mr. Stanley does not promote this idea? The bigger question is the doctrinal one, not what Mr. Stanley does or doesn't promote. But in seeking the Lord on this matter, I have felt that he is a man that we should warn people about, as the idea that someone can be a Christian and show no evidence of it but still go to heaven when he dies gives false comfort to millions of American churchgoers who have not been born again and are on their way to eternal damnation.

I know this is strongly worded, but it is a serious issue. There are many things we can disagree on, and even be wrong about and still have fellowship. But the Gospel is not such an issue. My understanding of Scripture would lead me to believe that a teaching which gives false assurance to unconverted people is not an issue on which we can be silent or even have fellowship with those who teach it.

May the Lord bless you as you continue to seek Him.

In Christ,


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hi, very well stated brother robert..jimp

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I think is hard to believe a preacher that preaches about sin in his church that he is also saying you can go to heaven even if you dont leave sin. My question is only because i rally dont know him very well, but i have heard he speaking about sin and that a christian can not expect blessing from God living in sinful life. So it is hard to believe dr. Stanley say you can go to heaven without evidence of repentence. I think he speak much about blessing and love of God than sin, he sometimes i think it could be a soft gospel... Should i desconsider him as a man od God? His sermons has being blessing to me...can someone else give his opinion?

Keylla Amaral

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To reply to Robert 79 and Charles Stanley remarks: I look to the book of Hebrews when thinking of this response, Hebrews 5:11-6:20 with the 3rd warning and Acts 8 with Simon. I believe those think that are saved but act differently are not really saved at all. I dont believe tht if you have truly accepted Christ as your Lord and Savior and believe in the One True Living God that you can lose your salvation. The question arises is that are those people who say they are Christians truly saved at all- have they truly accepted Christ as thier Lord and Savior. I dont believe that Simon in ACts 8 was truly saved and neither are some people who are proclaiming to be Christians today. we must pray for them and for Charles Stanley- I don't know if he is a blantent false teacher but I dont agree with everything he says and I dont listen to him. we arent going to agree with everyone but that doesnt mean that they are false teachers.

Dawn Stancel

 2013/1/5 11:23Profile

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