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i cant say i dissagree with much of what your say brother ,but on the subject of theoligy ,lets agree to disagre if it is acepted by faith and does not contradict scriture ,it glorafies ,and helps to kepp our mind on heavenly thing ,,answers questions birthed by the holy spirit ,,then it is not sin

but if it is dead knowlage thelogy ,or doctrine ,or ritual ,or works ,,it is dead and sinfull ,,,,not being of faith

to be truthfull ,i find a lot of your extrabibical expalnations about god and his providance and his relationship to creation ,verry deep theoligy ,,,,so for me i cant at all understand your resistance

i hold elders opinions ravenhil tozer ,yours and others to be condidered and mattering ,,when it comes decerment and judments and knowlage and wissdom ,,,,

i try to glean from an aray of teachers old and new and concider what is said and keep in contex with as many others as posable ,scripture being foundation and the spirit being the supream paster ..
it matters to me what someone like you or tom or ravenhill think of nee or edwards ,,there is not a lot of time to dig up the old gold nugets and new gems ,,hopefull we can point one other to different mine shafts ,and to new nugets of gold
it matters to me also if im a stumbling block ,i keep that in mind in many different aspects of spirtual life

in my town we do not have many good old teachers of preachers ,,nothing like the saints iv mentioned

my town is in the swamp of liberilisim ,and prosperaty gosple ,, iv not found a fellowship that propgates solid doctrine , consistanly

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Charles Finney was such an opposit theologicaly to that of Edwards that His systematic work was a direct refutation of that of Edwards. And Yet Ravenhill wisely honors them both as great men used by God, because he unlike many of us relized that God uses men of complete different doctrinal positions when ever they truly seek Him.

More Than Doctrine Needed In Ministry

“Ours is all theology. We get a starving man and give him a cookbook. Does it help him? He looks in the cookbook and sees there a dish with potatoes, beef, etc. What do you do? You tantalize him! You say, “Oh, I hope one day you can come to our place We’re going to have this dish, this beef, this turkey, and something else.” And yet the poor man is ravenously hungry! We give him a picture, but we don’t give him the goods! At the average church on Sunday morning, they give you the menu, but they never give you the meal. They give an outline of theology: ‘This is our precious doctrine.” So, most people will be reciting doctrine in Hell.”

~ Leonard Ravenhill

Very well said brother.

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