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Hello Deadn I can't speak about your friends situation, but a lot of people miss it and think if I just say it then it will happen. That's not what I am saying, you have to have faith with your words. And not only that, but you have to be led by the Holy Spirit. You have to have a good understanding and not just partial understanding. Sometimes people just get part of the message and not the whole message. I hope that helps, sorry to hear about your friend. God Bless.

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Spot on my friend, I get so anoyed, if I am honest about people thinking that they are God.

Nicholas Robinson

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 Re: Your Words Are Producing Your Life

"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path."

Many of you will say that Brother Franklin's exhortation sounds like "Word of faith" teaching, and you are absolutely correct. The Word of faith teachers put a strong emphasis on believing and speaking the Word of God. Just like any truth that the Holy Spirit is leading us in, there will be some that will not rightly divide the Word, and being deceived themselves will lead others into error. There was much truth that was taught in the Word of faith movement that got perverted because men were using the Word outside of the will of God instead of for God's kingdom purposes.

God's Word is alive and powerful, and if we will come into agreement with God's Word, and allow the Spirit to use that Word in whatever way He desires, (because the Word is the sword of the Spirit), then we would see the Body of Christ doing much damage to the kingdom of darkness, and God's purposes being fulfilled on earth even as it is in heaven.



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