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"i find it a joy to share here; even when i am wrong. jimp"


It is a learning process, is it not? And that is a delight - sometimes. :-)


Sandra Miller

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Monroe, LA - USA

 Re: Request Deletion From SI, It's Been Fun.

I thank God for SI. This forum is intended for fellowship of people who live in humble desperation longing wholeheartedly for Christ-centered revival and agonizing in spirit for such a move of God. From time to time God allows things to happen on the forum so that people who don’t share the same mindset can feel perfectly at liberty and under obligation to leave the forum.

I am glad to know that there are other forums such as the one that the departing brother mentioned where people can feel at perfect liberty to find the kind of fellowship that they are looking for. Perhaps this thread should remain visible for that very reason. People should feel at perfect liberty to move on to other fellowships if they do not feel the same burdens and goals expressed in the formation of this forum.

This doesn’t make SI superior nor inferior to any other fellowship. God is the One who will judge every man’s work. Thank God for the liberty to seek out like-minded brethren and share fellowship in our concerns – whatever they may be.

Michael Strickland

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A good look at other Christian forums will make you glad that the forums on SI and other sites like this one are moderated the way they are.

SI Moderator - Jeremy Hulsey

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Sweden (Northern Europe)


Can anyone explain for me why people are dropping out of the Sermonindex? I can not understand the fuzz?


Magnus Nordlund

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I am sorry to see another brother in CHRIST leave, I know it was his choice as with the others but still it is sad. I have thought and prayed on this much since everything happened and I find myself still having a heavy heart for the way things happened. I am not questioning the way things were handled, I respect Greg and believe he has a heart for CHRIST in how he handles these situations...still I was and am sorry to see those I have shared with over the years leave in such a way. I pray perhaps with time, prayer, and reflection the LORD might lead some to see things differently and we will be able to share and encouraging one another again in the future. The one truth that I know we can all agree upon is that when the LORD shows us error and sin in our life we can return to the one we offended and in CHRIST know with out fear that there will be forgiveness!!

I do give thanks and praise GOD for all the things HE has used via this web site, the teachings especially have helped me grow daily closer to HIM!

God bless

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Dallas, Texas


A good look at other Christian forums will make you glad that the forums on SI and other sites like this one are moderated the way they are.

I agree brother. One need not venture very far beyond these walls to find out this truth. The sites that allow the things we moderate are overridden with debate, political wrangling, doctrinal fighting, squabbling, slander, libel - and all sorts of other evil in the name of watchmen "protecting" the sheep from heresy. Many believers are comfortable here until they begin to develop these types of agendas, appearing first under a polemical front, and then usually evolving into rebellion.

I do not like to see anyone go from here, but ultimately it is best for both parties. It can make me very sad, and I have the tendency at times to take it personally. We really try to establish brotherly communication and humble reasoning, first and foremost. We discuss these issues at length in the moderator forum and always endeavor to seek a graceful resolution with the brother or sister without compromising the website's integrity.

We go through seasons here, as I've often said. This is just one of them, and we let the Lord prune according to His will. He gives and takes away; He exposes and preserves. Our committment is to keep SermonIndex as Christ-honoring as possible, where holy unity is preserved and where anyone (without an agenda) can come and be edified and drink of the best sermons, articles and Christian forum fellowship available.

Brother Paul

Paul Frederick West

 2012/12/14 12:22Profile

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