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 A brave man I know

I want to bring an analogy that will show what is true bravery in God's eyes.

A man named Moses saw his fellow brothers being mistreated by Egyptian authorities. He wanted to liberate his brothers, fought with an Egyptian authority and killed him. He thought he is doing God's will by freeing his people from the hands of Egyptians. He would have looked brave to some of his people and by the standard of this world he is doing a brave act. His motive was right without any personal gain and appears brave to us.

God drove this brave man into deserts to live in his father-in-laws house in a desert. Because this man did not seek the way of God to free his people. He choose his own way that was based on his own strength to do God's work. God broke him by making him live a shameful life for 40 years and called him to do the exact same thing that this man wanted to do when he was young but at a age when he felt he cannot do it.

In those 40 years many Jews in Egypt would have missed this brave man whom they thought was their lone warrior. But it actually turned good for them that this warrior left them, else they would have never been freed. In short if we do not seek for God's approval in our ways and fight by the standards of this world, we can never be useful to God. God needs a broken man who is humble enough to be quiet when his own brother and sister accuse him.


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