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May I suggest that if posting on a forum, reading the posts has little spiritual value, one is missing a wonderful blessing, or maybe one has misplaced loyalties?

The printed word has been used for many years to spread the word of Jesus. There are tract societies that exist for this purpose only. Today we have the internet where people can share what they believe. Whether it is edifying or not reveals to others what means a lot to me/us. The message can be the same - the medium is just different. This forum is not a tv show, it is real people speaking real words with heart-felt meanings.

When I post I write what means a lot to me. I pray, read the WORD, study it, and then write about it. My testimony is what is true and has happened in my life. I am very serious about what I write and I am certain many others on here do likewise.

In time I have had the privilege of emailing posters privately and even talked with them by phone. We live to encourage each other in our journey to heaven. Some have serious difficulties so we live to encourage - this is what Christians are called to do. If we fail in this we must never have known the Master because we never have experienced his comfort. Unless you have have been filled with divine comfort you have nothing to give.

A few years ago a lady came on board here who challenged a post - the subject started around valentines day. As the thread evolved I and a few others saw a troubled woman...pms followed and as far as we know today, that marriage ended in reconciliation. She quit posting because she lives beyond the reach of internet. How I would love to talk with her!

I, for one, have been greatly blessed by posters on SI. The friends I have made have inspired me. When they post on here I see real people in my mind - people who live, think and act. These posts are just as real as any book or article I may read elsewhere - the format is just different. In any case God is going to call us to give account for what we say, whether it be writing or speech. God takes our words seriously.

God bless.

Sandra Miller

 2012/12/9 21:14Profile

 Re: you shattter me, approved.

It's nice to hear your voice brother. I like that compilation.

 2012/12/9 21:34

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