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 Any other music recommendations based on these artists?

Here are my favorites:

David Crowder Band (all)
Matt Redman (all)
Robin Mark (only have Revival in Belfast)
Sara Groves (all)
Paul Baloche (only have a couple songs)
Kari Jobe (all)
Will Reagan and United Pursuit (live at Banks House album)
Hillsong (most)
Matt Gilman and Cory Asbury (album Holy)
Keith Green
Mahalia Jackson
Phil Wickam
Steven Curtis Chapman
Jon Foreman

Anybody have any recommendations similar to these artists? Or albums you like by these guys?

 2012/12/7 22:13

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 Re: Any other music recommendations based on these artists?

If you like Matt Redman, you should check out Chris Tomlin.

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 Re: Any other music recommendations based on these artists?

I like ALL the ones you have listed!! But this last month, I have been listening to these three songs and will probably for the next 4 or 5! (I've added one more last week!) enjoy, my friend, enjoy!

This Is Amazing Grace - Jeremy Riddle

10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord) - Matt Redman

One Thing Remains - Kristian Stanfill

When the stars burn down (Blessing and Honor)
~ Phillips Craig & Dean


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 Re: Any other music recommendations based on these artists?

I second the Chris Tomlin recommendation =)

Some links, with selected songs (all official/legal sites):

Chris Tomlin (
Indescribable -

Brenton Brown (
Lord, Reign In Me -

Planet Shakers (
Beautiful Saviour -

Casting Crowns (
Who Am I -

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hi,brooklyn tabernacle

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I really like Revival in Belfast by Robin Mark. Its my new favorite. Its the only album I can play when I want to really seek God.

Will Reagan is good too sometimes.

I love music that speaks of a deep relationship with God, or revival, etc

 2012/12/8 11:36

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I really like Don Moen's songs. They are very uplifting, encouraging and speak of a deep relationship with God. Ever listened to his latest album "Uncharted Territory"?
I also like Lenny LeBlanc. His songs are also really wonderful.

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I haven't listened to Don Moen much but I heard something that turned me off and I can't find the reference for this but I could have read it on sermonindex: that he takes his extravagant entourage into poor cities and charges huge amounts of money for his tickets while people can barely survive on little. I prefer poor and humble: ie- all Christ shining through no trusting or depending on riches. yes some on my list might not make the cut (let me know).

I also read somewhere, if you know any different let me know, that Matt Redman only receives the median yearly income for his income and the rest is given away/etc. I like that. I want to be like that. I read stories of poor people that have so much Christ and have started revivals (Azusa st, Chuck Smith etc) in dependence on Him. and on and on... makes me tingle inside to hear those things...

greed and extravagance turn me off and head people into snares...

Sorry for playing judge, its just how I feel. For I would probably need more work done on myself than Don Moen.


 2012/12/8 15:10

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 Re: Any other music recommendations based on these artists?

Ron Kenoly
Terry MacAlmon
Maranatha Music - Praise Series
Shannon Wexelberg
Paul Wilbur
Marty Goetz
John Michael Talbot
Steve Green
Chris Christensen
Marty J Nystrom
Carter Conlon (yes the pastor of Times Square Church have done a few good records)
Dennis Jernigan

Sincerely Magnus

Magnus Nordlund

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