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 quote from Zac Poonen book


If one claims to have holiness but does not manifest divine love, then what he has is not genuine holiness but Pharisaical `righteousness.' Those on the other hand, who claim to have great love for everybody but who don't live in purity and righteousness, are also deceived into mistaking their wishy-washy sentimentality for divine love.

The Pharisees had a `righteousness' that was starchy and dry. They were like bony skeletons - hard and repulsive. They had some truth, but all warped and out of proportion.
Jesus had all the truth. He stood for every jot and tittle of the law of God more than the Pharisees did. But He was not just bones. The bones were covered over with flesh, as God intended human beings to be - the Light was enveloped by Love. He spoke the truth, but He spoke it in love (Eph_4:15). His words had authority, but they were gracious too (Luk_4:22; Luk_4:36).

This is the nature that the Holy Spirit desires to communicate to us and to manifest through us.

God IS Love. It is not that He just acts lovingly. He IS in His very essence LOVE. The glory of God as seen in Jesus, manifests this clearly. Jesus did not just perform acts of love. He went about "doing good" (Act_10:38). But that was because the love of God flooded His whole being.


from Living as Jesus Lived

 2012/12/7 15:51

 Re: quote from Zac Poonen book


 2012/12/7 15:53

 Re: quote from Zac Poonen book

another quote from a different Zac Poonen book:


His purpose is basically twofold - first that we might manifest the life of Christ to others; and secondly, that we might minister that life to others. This is the calling of the Christian - and there can be no greater calling on earth. Yet many Christians like Jacob, don't recognize this - even some who are in Christian work. God gives them some spiritual gift or ability and soon they are taken up with that, and go off on a tangent, away from the central purpose of God for their lives. Like a child who is taken up with a toy, they are taken up with their gift. It fills their whole vision and they never see anything beyond.

from Beauty For Ashes (ch 2) by Zac Poonen


 2012/12/9 13:05

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