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 A farewell and a warning for those hear on SI

To all who visit this site, I say goodbye. I don't say it in bitterness, contention, or youthful zeal not according to knowledge (as some suppose), but with a broken heart and a burning in my spirit. This site used to be a place of wealth in Spirit and pure and true to the Spirit of Christ and the Word of God.
In love, I believe this site, and particularly it's moderation/"authority" stand at a precipice. It is to be a light of all the truths of God's Holy Word, to be birthed AND LIVE EVEN NOW, in the Spirit of Christ, or to accept every wind of doctrine, to allow wolves and leaven in the midst (& to actually bring them in, encourage them, and hold them up as examples).
In love, I care very little what is thought of or said about me, but that people do not believe a lie, the sheep are not led to the wolves, and the Gospel is not stripped of its very self. This site allows for everything these days except gifts of discernment, true prophetic giftings, and the scriptural commands to "exhort, rebuke, correct," etc.
If you came and walked with me, prayed with me, ministered with me, and searched the scriptures with me, you would not see an angry, bitter, harsh, proud, or divisive person. Not hat I have never sinned in these areas at all, but I am not the boogey-man you want to make me so you can ignore my words (which my words matter very little, but I'm referring to the MANY scriptures I have raised that have been TOTALLY ignored, disregarded, and unanswered), nor is Sean, or Jim, etc., etc. There may very well be some "angry watchman" on this site I'm sure, but you are throwing out the baby with the bath water.
By your understanding and definition of what "angry" and "love" are, Carter Conlon's message would be an outright rebuke to his predecessor who had a greater anointed Prophetic gifting than he does, David Wilkerson. Your interpretation of these matters is flawed, but that's probably considered unloving to even say in your opinion.
Under your estimation, I could show you in scripture where Isiaih, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Joel, Amos, Jesus, Paul, Peter, John, James, Jude, Leonard Ravenhill, David Wilkerson, Art Katz, Ian Paisley, etc., etc. we're all "unloving, harsh, and in the wrong spirit". All these men after having been filled with the Spirit of God having Prophetic giftings and God given gifting in discernment.
I fear for the direction of this website and the personal ministry direction of some of the moderators. This is why I have gone to them one on one in love over the phone and poured out what the Lord put in me to share. I am not some angry, proud, religious, "son of thunder". I am just a man who's heart is burning not to let the wolves into the flock. Heck, not just let them in, but leading them in. I have followed the scriptural mandates for rebuking, concerning authority, in sharing in love. Heck, I have followed SI official forum rules some of the moderators who wrote them have not followed like the ones on praying before posting, not having an agenda, not promoting self, etc. I am not defending myself for my own sake, but that any excuse to disregard the truth from scripture I have shared would be showed as what it is - an excuse. A straw man. A banana peal.
We would not have appealed the way/form we did (Sean and I), but when we asked honest questions and appealed directly in love with truth and with scriptures, and with direct quotes (" out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks"), we were shut down. Posts were removed, threads locked, etc. - after Greg made insinuations, judged our character/intentions, made indefensible comments we couldn't respond to, etc., and then locked it. How Christlike is that? If you have God given authority here, how ordained of God was that use of it?
I love you all and I pray that God works in all of us, especially me, and I pray that this site not become an old crusty site that used to be birthed of God, but slid step by step into Apostacy. God forbid. If it does continue down that slope, God's Spirit will be fully removed, ICHABOD will be spiritually posed in its header as His glory departs, and I will pray the forums get shut down by the Lord sovereignty so one of the very sites that used to decry the apostasizing of the nations become part of the very beast it used to expose. All to defend an anti-Christ system and it's cheifest proponents.
Make no mistake, their are heart issues that have begun LONG before this came into fruition which no one sees, save the Lord. Just like with Tom from VOM and the devastation wreaked in his life. Where was a brother with REAL LOVE to speak a word of truth in due season? Where was his time with the Lord when no one was looking in place of running around doing ministry? How did this sin become so overwhelming without anyone knowing?
Sin is always this way. So it is with leaders as discernment is GIVEN AWAY and lost and Apostacy ("adultery" - other lovers) is allowed into the house in God's name. If you think this sounds like hate, anger, pride, or unloving, you are wrong. If you think this sounds like an attempt to exhort, rebuke, correct, and warn - you are exactly right. Either way you see it, take it to the Lord. Discernment is kept and flourished by the "mature who through exercising their sense learn to distinguish good from evil". It is lost by the immature and/or rebellious who believe the oldest deceptive line in history - "Did God REALLY will not surely will be LIKE God knowing good from evil (knowing better than God in his overly protective hand is what is implied). It's an attempt to detract from God's character, His Name, and His Word. And, "He has exalted His Word even above His name....the Word of God stands true forever....let God be true and every man a liar..", etc., etc., etc.
"Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.....and the Spirit of truth will come and bring into your remembereance all the things I have said unto you.....Thy Word is Truth...." - Jesus
If you doubt my love for God, people, and the Truth, feel free to email me personally because my heart is pure and my face is set like a flint. I pray blessing and peace for all of you,
In Christ's name,
Jeff Marshall

 2012/12/7 14:39

 Re: A farewell and a warning for those hear on SI

Like I said before... you are free to discuss the Catholic Church, and even Mother Teresa. But what you and another poster have shown here today is that you are looking for a fight. You are being contentious. The only ones who do not see it is the two of you.

If I, Krispy Kritter, am telling you that you are being contentious... then brother, you are being contentious!



 2012/12/7 15:28


I'm not looking for a fight & may the Lord judge me ever more severely if I am wrong. I am "fighting the good fight of the faith, given once for all to the saints."

And the two of us aren't the only ones who see it. The shear number of people who don't see that is what is scary. You will give account one day for every idle word in every one of your accusations and everything you said in all 8,000+ posts brother. Have you followed the rule of praying before you posted in reference to my writing?

 2012/12/7 15:47

Joined: 2005/2/24
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A farewell I can understand, but the warning could have been left out, it almost sounds like with a warning that it's your way or the highway. What a person chooses to do or believe here, does not justify a 'warning" unless your Jesus Christ. You warn folks about a cliff ahead, I really don't think anyone here going off a cliff in our minor differences/beliefs, but if God told you to warn, well I say, listen to God. By the way, This site still is a place of wealth in Spirit and pure and true to the Spirit of Christ and the Word of God, IMO.

Mr. Bill

 2012/12/7 15:48Profile

Joined: 2010/3/28
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 Re: A farewell and a warning for those hear on SI

Hi Jeffmar..
Could you please detail any concerns you have with false doctrinal issues that SI have supported?

I am curious about your concern brother.
Thank you,

 2012/12/7 15:54Profile


Dear sister,
There are multiple posts on here (the ones not totally deleted cause they didn't agree), but essentially in reference to holding up false teachers in the Roman Catholic Church who denied the Gospel as examples. We are not talking about doctrinal differences upon which believers may disagree, nor are we talking a difference in denominational differences. We are talking the difference between the Body of Christ and the Synogauge of Satan.
The Truth of the Word of God, and a lie from the pits of hell. "If anyone comes and preaches another Gospel than the one we preached, or you receive another spirit than the one we received, let him be accursed". Those are Paul's words, not mine. I'm not going to start over, but go and read the recent posts and defending lost and false teachers like Mr Theresa to the detriment of the truth of God's Word. Not doctrinally differences, but totally different Gospels, with totally different hopes for salvation, and totally different spirits. The two have totally different eternal dwelling places. I want to cry, but am too exhausted in my heart yearning for some in the church not to believe a lie and succumb to the mixture of such leaven. God help us.

 2012/12/7 16:04

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I've never been one for long goodbyes, but to each his own.


 2012/12/7 16:14Profile


You will give account one day for every idle word in every one of your accusations and everything you said in all 8,000+ posts brother. Have you followed the rule of praying before you posted in reference to my writing?

And of those posts I've made do you also realize how many of them are apologies for foolish things I have said? Dont turn this around and make it about me, brother.

Your attitude in this is the problem, not the truth of what you are trying to say. Unfortunately your attitude is clouding over the truth.


 2012/12/7 16:15

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i agree with frank and bearmaster regarding the tread that got locked

but like greg said ,jefmar doesnt agree with the way the site is run ,neither do i ,,,,,when it comes to quoting in a posative light heretics like the pope and mother teresa ,,,this truly gives a wrong message about the catholic church and the fasle doctrines that they hold to ,,in it own sutul way

a question i had in my mind ,sermon index has rules are they god givern rules ,or are some given by men here in hope less rubukes and reproves and re butels ,take place

if that is the case ,then would it be possable for the holy spirit to rubuke a place like this througe a man like jeff mar

just some thing to think about

also i rember paul washer saying ,,but is what im saying true ,, dont let my atatude and pride and the delivery of this message be STUBLING BLOCK ,,is what im saying biblical ,,,,,i think maby we should ask the same question about jeff,,, could what he be saying have truth

maby it would also be wise to not start topics about popes and saints who hold to blatent fasle teachings like marioligy and other false teachings ,so as not to put a stumbling bock in front of the weaker christians ,and or a platform to debate ,or rebuke ,,,for the sake of this alone let us not promote people like that ,we should be thinking of the unity of our brothers and the wekness of there flesh ,as number one prioruty ,,

we try not to start topics in here wich casues zelouls reactions ,do we not

god bless us with unity and courage to stand in and speak the truth in all seasons

 2012/12/8 1:45Profile


Like I said several times yesterday... I actually agree with the premise of what jeff was saying. There was truth in his words, and I too have been disturbed by the positive light in which the roman church has been portrayed as of late on this forum by the leadership.

However, what took place yesterday came from a place outside of Christian love. The tone was extremely antagonistic and contentious. Granted, we all often misread each others posts and come to the wrong conclusions... but I thought yesterdays display was quite obvious and was confirmed by others who saw the same display of contentiousness as I did.

There is no place for that.

A good lesson to learn for all, including myself. Often times WE are the reason our message isnt being heard! We have all seen certain street preachers who carry signs that are so offensive that no one can get past that and here the message of salvation.

And another thing that needs to stop is we need to cease acting like a martyr when someone doesnt agree with us. I know in the past I have done that... and we saw it again yesterday. I think if we all would humble ourselves perhaps a lot of the contentiousness on this forum would vanish.

But that has yet to happen.

Also... we need to stop equating obnoxiousness with a prophetic gifting. People like to fancy themselves as a prophet when really all they are is an... well, I cant say it here... but use your imagination.


 2012/12/8 8:54

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