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 Goodbye SermonIndex.....

To all who visit this site, I say goodbye. I don't say it in bitterness, contention, or youthful zeal not according to knowledge (as some suppose), but with a broken heart and a burning in my spirit. This site used to be a place of wealth in Spirit and pure and true to the Spirit of Christ and the Word of God.
In love, I believe this site, and particularly it's moderation/"authority" stand at a precipice. It is to be a light of all the truths of God's Holy Word, to be birthed AND LIVE EVEN NOW, in the Spirit of Christ, or to accept every wind of doctrine, to allow wolves and leaven in the midst (& to actually bring them in, encourage them, and hold them up as examples).
In love, I care very little what is thought of or said about me, but that people do not believe a lie, the sheep are not led to the wolves, and the Gospel is not stripped of its very self. This site allows for everything these days except gifts of discernment, true prophetic giftings, and the scriptural commands to "exhort, rebuke, correct," etc.
If you came and walked with me, prayed with me, ministered with me, and searched the scriptures with me, you would not see an angry, bitter, harsh, proud, or divisive person. Not hat I have never sinned in these areas at all, but I am not the boogey-man you want to make me so you can ignore my words (which my words matter very little, but I'm referring to the MANY scriptures I have raised that have been TOTALLY ignored, disregarded, and unanswered), nor is Sean, or Jim, etc., etc. There may very well be some "angry watchman" on this site I'm sure, but you are throwing out the baby with the bath water.
By your understanding and definition of what "angry" and "love" are, Carter Conlon's message would be an outright rebuke to his predecessor who had a greater anointed Prophetic gifting than he does, David Wilkerson. Your interpretation of these matters is flawed, but that's probably considered unloving to even say in your opinion.
Under your estimation, I could show you in scripture where Isiaih, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Joel, Amos, Jesus, Paul, Peter, John, James, Jude, Leonard Ravenhill, David Wilkerson, Art Katz, Ian Paisley, etc., etc. we're all "unloving, harsh, and in the wrong spirit". All these men after having been filled with the Spirit of God having Prophetic giftings and God given gifting in discernment.
I fear for the direction of this website and the personal ministry direction of some of the moderators. This is why I have gone to them one on one in love over the phone and poured out what the Lord put in me to share. I am not some angry, proud, religious, "son of thunder". I am just a man who's heart is burning not to let the wolves into the flock. Heck, not just let them in, but leading them in. I have followed the scriptural mandates for rebuking, concerning authority, in sharing in love. Heck, I have followed SI official forum rules some of the moderators who wrote them have not followed like the ones on praying before posting, not having an agenda, not promoting self, etc. I am not defending myself for my own sake, but that any excuse to disregard the truth from scripture I have shared would be showed as what it is - an excuse. A straw man. A banana peal.
We would not have appealed the way/form we did (Sean and I), but when we asked honest questions and appealed directly in love with truth and with scriptures, and with direct quotes (" out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks"), we were shut down. Posts were removed, threads locked, etc. - after Greg made insinuations, judged our character/intentions, made indefensible comments we couldn't respond to, etc., and then locked it. How Christlike is that? If you have God given authority here, how ordained of God was that use of it?
I love you all and I pray that God works in all of us, especially me, and I pray that this site not become an old crusty site that used to be birthed of God, but slid step by step into Apostacy. God forbid. If it does continue down that slope, God's Spirit will be fully removed, ICHABOD will be spiritually posed in its header as His glory departs, and I will pray the forums get shut down by the Lord sovereignty so one of the very sites that used to decry the apostasizing of the nations become part of the very beast it used to expose. All to defend an anti-Christ system and it's cheifest proponents.
Make no mistake, their are heart issues that have begun LONG before this came into fruition which no one sees, save the Lord. Just like with Tom from VOM and the devastation wreaked in his life. Where was a brother with REAL LOVE to speak a word of truth in due season? Where was his time with the Lord when no one was looking in place of running around doing ministry? How did this sin become so overwhelming without anyone knowing?
Sin is always this way. So it is with leaders as discernment is GIVEN AWAY and lost and Apostacy ("adultery" - other lovers) is allowed into the house in God's name. If you think this sounds like hate, anger, pride, or unloving, you are wrong. If you think this sounds like an attempt to exhort, rebuke, correct, and warn - you are exactly right. Either way you see it, take it to the Lord. Discernment is kept and flourished by the "mature who through exercising their sense learn to distinguish good from evil". It is lost by the immature and/or rebellious who believe the oldest deceptive line in history - "Did God REALLY will not surely will be LIKE God knowing good from evil (knowing better than God in his overly protective hand is what is implied). It's an attempt to detract from God's character, His Name, and His Word. And, "He has exalted His Word even above His name....the Word of God stands true forever....let God be true and every man a liar..", etc., etc., etc.
"Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.....and the Spirit of truth will come and bring into your remembereance all the things I have said unto you.....Thy Word is Truth...." - Jesus
If you doubt my love for God, people, and the Truth, feel free to email me personally because my heart is pure and my face is set like a flint. I pray blessing and peace for all of you,
In Christ's name,
Jeff Marshall

 2012/12/7 14:29

 Re: Goodbye SermonIndex.....

I love you all and I pray that God works in all of us,

If you loved us you wouldn't be jumping ship. If you have truth and a willingness to hear others, than there is no reason for this thread.

SI has not been established as a Church organization, however, the Church does gather here, and where two or three are gathered in His name, He is in the midst of it. We an safely assume that Christ has come at different times in these threads and ministered grace unto the hearers.

I have not yet seen false doctrine being pushed on this site. I have seen it discussed in the threads, but I have not seen Admin Greg or his team support false doctrine. We all may have slight differences in interpreting certain doctrines but I have found that it's a minor disagreement based upon how it's presented. That is why it's important that we exhaust every angle with different ways of telling it because everyone in their hearing hears differently.

About a year ago. Greg put in his sermon collection Rick Warren preaching dynamically on a subject that was noteworthy and worth having in his collection. There arose such a vehement cry to get rid of him off this site that Greg ended up bowing to their demands and had him removed. For the sake of peace among the brethren. I heard the one message by him and was taken aback by it's contents. I was glad and I told Greg that I was glad that that message was here, but some people couldn't stand it.

They said the very same thing your accusing this site of doing.

I've been here for a little while now and I see somethings here and there, but I overlook it because I have my own idiosyncrasies. I do what God does, wink at it. Why? I have chosen to love instead of pointing out every minute microscopic detail in peoples lives. I am not here to judge any man, I have enough of a job judging myself than to pry into the lives of my brethren. Now if the Spirit of God comes upon me and tells me to talk to someone about an issue, then that is a different ball game.

If you believe that this site is fallen into false doctrine, I find it hard to believe that you can say you love everyone when your leaving us in our darkness. If you have light, wouldn't it be better to stay so that your light will shine? I mean think about it. If you were in a place where everyone had the light, your light would be quite dim. The purpose of light is so that others seeking light may be drawn to it, like a moth is drawn to it. Where there is no light the people perish.

Do you want us who are living in false doctrine and darkness to perish?

Where is your love now?

 2012/12/7 15:00


"If you believe that this site is fallen into false doctrine, I find it hard to believe that you can say you love everyone when your leaving us in our darkness. If you have light, wouldn't it be better to stay so that your light will shine?"

How do you do that when the Greg locks your thread, deletes your comments, violates his own forum rules, and when you disagree with him regarding Mother Teresa and the Catholic Church he says and insinuates that you are not walking in love and must be an angry watchman or one of those rebellious types who hates authority.

So, It's not an issue of letting your light shine. If you try to flick the light on it gets snuffed out with presumptuous comments.

 2012/12/7 15:14


Zealousness without wisdom is a dangerous thing.

To quote Forrest Gump: "Thats all I have to say about that."


 2012/12/7 15:26


There is a principle Jesus told the disciples about going to a place, preaching the truth, and if they receive you, let your peace rest there, but if they don't - shake the dust off your feet and move along to another place.

What I have shared, Sean has shared, Jim has shared, and others, has not been received, but shunned. Threads locked. Accusations (false ones by the way) and insinuations of our character and motives made. Threads actually totally removed. Then, when we share the Word of God and ask for an explanation, we get the classic Nicolaitains answer (which I totally didn't expect on SI, to be honest), "respect their authority and stand down and shut up".

I/we have labored in this repeatedly to no conclusion, nor growth. Rick Warren is a false teacher. Period. Joel Osteen is a false teacher. He may say some things that are true, but do we then promote them? God forbid. There is a famine in the land for the Word of God. People here don't know the Word of God, and "they get mad when you try to show them" (see Counterfiet Christianity under David Wilkerson's sermons). And it is becoming obvious many have not the Spirit of God (which is the Spirit of Truth), and don't care what the Word of God says, but what their own heart tells them ("the heart is deceitfully wicked above all things! Who,can know it?"). What's worse, now we "put up with another Gospel, another faith, and another spirit, which is accursed" and defend it tooth and nail.
Catholicism is a false religion from hell carried by demonic influence. The fact that's not enough to steer people from upholding Mr Theresa as "an example" to the saints is scary. Where has discernment gone? I have tried to love, to share the word of God, to rebuke gently, to speak in private, then with two or three, then publicly. I have tried to ask questions to get the moderators to think about what is being said and done, and none get answered, scriptures get ignored, and the "stone him to silence him - he's unloving" chants and actions begin.
I have tried, but I believe the prophetic voice (from the Spirit of God) of discernment is intentionally being ignored. There is a great falling away which has already begun and is coming in greater measure. There is a sword of the Lord which comes forth from the mouth of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah which divides, like it or not. So to go on this way is becoming pointless and fruitless. Everyone wants to point to Greg's all-powerful authority, and not the Word of God, so I am simply going to do as the Lord leads me, and in love, I care very little how you judge me, but there is one who will judge the living and the dead. It is unto Him we will all stand or fall. He will burn away the wood, hay and stubble. He will separate sheep and goats. He will put false teachers and tose who bear with them in their rightful place one day. What an awesome and fearful reality that is.
Again, my heart is clear, my conscience clear, and my spirit pure.

 2012/12/7 15:31


Wake up brother... it's your contentiousness that is getting your threads locked.

If I, Krispy Kritter, am telling you that you are being contentious... then brother, you are being contentious!

Stop pretending to be a martyr.


 2012/12/7 15:34


Brother, in love, you all who are making these statements have posted thousands upon thousands of times. Always having something to say and the mere quantity of posts show a desire to be heard (sorry, but it does).

The few of us feeling a burden to share this average 200 total posts, though we have been on here for years and years.

My heart is not contention. It is the purity of the Gospel. You've posted on here over 8,000 times, have been on here for years and years, and yet you think speaking up about not gleaning from cults is being contentious? And you have wisdom and we have bad spirit zealousness? Honestly, I think more growth would come at this point if the forums were shut down and people read the Word of God, fasted & prayed and sought the Lord, and maybe listened to the sermons from the speakers on this site (like Katz, Washer, Wilkerson, Daniels, etc., etc.)

 2012/12/7 15:42

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To my knowledge, no one has disagreed with you that Catholicism is bad. No one disagrees with you that Mother Theresa held to the extra-biblical beliefs of the Catholic Church. All I've asked you to do is to check your spirit or tome in which you are posting. You're love for the truth is crystal clear, it's your love and esteem of your fellow brothers that is in question. Whether or not this is true, only you and the Lord know this brother. But I confess I don't see it coming through in your posts.

If this is your decision to leave then be blessed.

SI Moderator - Jeremy Hulsey

 2012/12/7 15:47Profile


Go ahead and marginalize me if you wish. You say you have been accused and your character questioned… but you do not hesitate to do that to others. I find that humorous that you would say that.

As I said earlier, I actually agree with your position. I support it. What I don’t support is your treatment of Greg and the Admins publicly. I’ve had my issues with them, and I have handled them privately… and was not always satisfied with the results. But what you have done here today is inexcusable, friend.

And now you make a big show of leaving over it. And you say I want to be heard? C’mon man. If you’re gonna go then just go. If you are leaving then why are you still reading and replying? Log out and leave.



 2012/12/7 15:50

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I hope and pray you would receive this with much humility and love...

It would be God's will that we strive for the Spirit of unity amongst the brethren. That we would display the same long suffering to one another that the Lord has faithfully shown His people...

In such anguished, open-hearted threads as these, our display of gentle, long-suffering would be a demonstration of our desire to "strive" for one-ness.

Please be gentle and bury any mean spirited sarcasm that could really "wound" a brothers heart...

Have you not walked this path of "zeal" before? That place that the Lord needed to temper for us?

Praying right now that we all may beg God for a spirit of broken humility toward one another...

Honestlt, with much love,


 2012/12/7 16:16Profile

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