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 G W North

Greg has just added another message from G W North on the site here called 'The Shipwreck'. G W North was called home a couple of years ago; 2 days after his 90th birthday. He will be an unknown factor to most on the site here. He was a controversial and uncompromising character of the mold and vintage of Leonard Ravenhill and Duncan Campbell. In appearance and sometimes in delivery he was very like T Austin Sparks; but with a steel fist under the velvet glove! But most of all he was himself.

Of all the streams that have poured into my life, and for all of which I am profoundly grateful, none have watered my soul as much as the life and ministry of this man. He was a frequent quest in our home and always a constant delight to be with.

I commend this message to you, especially in its relevance to current threads on Original Sin. It is typical of his preaching in its quieter flowings and sudden eruptions. (Paris Reidhead comes to mind) These men Ravenhill, Reidhead, Tozer, T Austin Sparks, G W North all show the powerful dynamic of 'knowledge on fire'. You will find it here: The Shipwreck G W North

I would be very interested to hear your reactions here...

Ron Bailey

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 Re: G W North

Thank you for this addition. It was very profitable , greater than any amount of monies one could gain.


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 Re: G W North

I've just listened to "The Shipwreck" and it is one of the best sermons I have ever heard.

A little slow to start but well worth the wait!

Mark Nash

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