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Son Of Thunder i come from a land down under, due south at the bottom of your work globes

 The Church (United we stand - divided we fall)

The phrase or saying "united we stand ... But divided we fall" has a lot of truth and merit to it! Agreed? It has also been said before that the Church is the only "organization/army" that turns its own weapons on itself In a manner of speaking that is - but we tend to self- destruct in this way:

Now if contrarywise UNITY on the other hand is Biblical, scriptural, Godly, comely and proper! Then the only conclusions you can arrive at defining the Word "Division" would be words of the calibre of Devilish, Demonic, carnal, Worldly, fleshy, Ungodly, unholy - indeed unbiblical. (full stop)

In fact saints there is vast chasm between or betwixt the two of these:

The Apostle in his epistle to the Ephesians wrote "endeavouring to keep the Spirit of unity in the bond of peace"

The implication being no unity ... no peace!

A church that is at war and at odds with each other is a weak church and a defeated church, its a limp church. Conversely a biblically united church with the same mind and speaking the same things as paul exhorts us to DO is a strong church, a powerful church, indeed a visibly crushing to the eye-of-Satan church- to behold.: Mmm.

But here's the thing: How do we achieve unity with so many opinions, views, doctrines and teachings out there - and abounding???

Well Thats the 64 million dollar question isnt it ??

Because indeed whole denominations and religious organizations have been built and established based on disagreement and doctrinal differences. Ad-infinitum!

Furthermore joining these movements and reformists groups often requests New Members to sign papers and documents Declaring themselves to be in AGREEMENT with the SAID doctrines and teachings in order to be ACCEPTED into full and meaningful fellowship
( as approved members ) UNQUOTE:

The intent of these things may or may not be honouring and noble - but wether in practise its the ULTIMATE solution and actually works one has to wonder?

AND when you consider the myriad of Denominations out there in yonder christendom land that are based on the same premises of breaking away to reform themselves - laying down the conditions of fellowship, and aspired doctrinal harmony. Mmm me wonders on the effectualness of it (again)

So what is the answer and solution to biblical scriptural Unity then?

In short i propose Four simple but effectual principles for biblical unity:

No1. Strive to ALL have the mind of Christ
No2. Respect other peoples views even if you disagree
No3. Walk in the spirit NOT in the spirit of offence
No4. Rememering its love that edifies, and knowledge puffs up.

In conclusion i recently heard someone remark and somewhat
CRUDELY, but nonetheless confrontantly so "that oponions are like armpits - everybody has them, and they can all stink"

The point is poignantly well made i think, but having said that add a little underarm deodorant and all is Sweet ! The same is true for the church - add the spirit of unity in the bond of peace - and all is sweet:





Indeed the rise and/or fall of the church is DEPENDANT on it

That is UNITY !!!

What are we ALL doing to the furtherance of church unity?

Lets all ask ourselves that question ...without pointing fingers or looking at your neighbor. Resolve NOW to make UNITY a very high priority in your life.

Bro Stephen

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 Re: The Church (United we stand - divided we fall)

hi, to acheive unity we need to lay down our spiritual egos...mine first.jimp

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Joined: 2005/3/31
Posts: 419
Son Of Thunder i come from a land down under, due south at the bottom of your work globes


No argument from me on that comment:
By nature men can often be the vworst offendors too:
I wonder if we sometimes confuse arrogance for confidence:
And unwittingly so - in the process:

Bro Stephen

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QUOTE: "... "that opinions are like armpits - everybody has them, and they can all stink"

LOL... luv it!

I like your list of principles. I also just this past week heard a radio sermon from the honorable late preacher Russel Kelfer, whom i listen to often (Disciple Tape Ministries) which expounded the very same thing about love vs. knowledge puffing up. You are right on track and this is a wonderful reminder of that principle. Thank you for a wonderful post.

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'Jesus didn't come to bring peace.... but a sword'.

The "visible" church is divided and will remain so. That it be united will only mean for reasons against God. We see that now and with continuing efforts to strength its resolve to do its own thing. However, that is not and never will be the resolve of the "invisible Church".

If you believe in a raptured church__consider it to be exclusively the "invisible Church"__the "sons of God" manifested as Paul speaks of.

Could it not be that such a declaration as this will stir hearts to begin to fathom for themselves the issue of their salvation and that to begin they will have to leave behind the denominational stance?

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