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Sometimes it's hard to believe God did it all...does our lack of faith nullify His faithfulness?

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yea i agree with your seconed last statment oracio

warnings of apostacy have realy helped me fear god and judment ,have led me to repentance ,noing that the goodness of god leds to repentence ,,god is showing us mercy by convicting our concences and give us much more then ample time to repent of known sin in our life even as believers ,,,i smoked pot for many years after being born again ,i was set free from hard drugs like meth,,but i would not let my marawana go ,,,,, the conviction got so strong and the idea that maby im not realy a christan if i continue in this type of rebelion ,was sickning ,till now iv also repented from that and he truly has set me free

but like you said a balance is needed ,,,

i tuly believe with all my heart that the other thing that has caused me to indure is eturnal security of the elect ,,the inevadable persaverence of the saints ,,through the reality of gods predestanation

this has played a huge part in my life ,,even tho iv only believed it for the last 3 years or so

iv been saved for about 12 years

i think only those who bare the fruits of a deepening repentance can claim that they have truly been saved

so many are called by gods spirit ,in the contex of the father drawing them to christ
but few are chosen in the contex of baring much good fruit that remains

many have tasted of the lord ,
but few have consumed the bread of life

many have met god

but few know ,and have a real relationship ,with him

many have walk on the boundary wall of repentance faith and sangtification ,,,but only few have crossed of into the property of the kingdom

untill we cross ,we should not presume we are saved

the flesh has a talent to mimic spirtual things an experances and decieve many people

and demons that run with the prince and the power of the air are keen to operate with the fleshly fallen adamic nature ,,giving sensations of joy and a scence of the presence of a higher power ,,it is there job to decieve the multiudes of religious persons in christiondom
and all other religones ,,,

people must be aware of the deception

regardless of those that say ,,,ohhhh dont worry about all that we dont need to think about all the nasty stuff ,neither gods wrath nor judgments in this age

it all about grace ,grace ,grace ,,and mercy and love and forgivness

there two sides to gods nature
and two sides to that powers that be in this world

and we should take head lest we fall

if we are gods elect he will make us stand again

but that will also be becasue we took head to the warnings

and did not just wallow face down in a figment of a loving god ,in our own imagenation

his rod
and his staff ,comferts me ,,,amen

blessings brothers and sisters

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Amen brothagary! Heroin was my thing. Make the tree good and the fruit will be good. He appoints to bear fruit and that fruit will remain. Oh that Paul Washer sermon was on point! He saves to the uttermost! Thanks Lord!

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amen steve i praise god to hear that ,, he is mighty to save ,,even us brother ,,and he can sangtfie to the end ,,we can trust those things ,and rest in his faithfulness


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