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Discussion Forum : Revivals And Church History : Charlie Daniels - Country "star" pleading with America to return to its roots in Christianity.

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 Charlie Daniels - Country "star" pleading with America to return to its roots in Christianity.

A friend sent me this by email. I have never kept up with the music nor acting world, so I know very little about Charlie Daniels, but he said a mouthful of truth for this once-great nation.

May God bring us back to a revival as He has in the past!

My friends,
This was passed to me and I felt it was worth sharing with you too.

Dear Family and Friends,
The following is a sermon given by Charlie Daniels...(yes, of the Charlie Daniels Band) on the National Day of Prayer--May 3rd, 2012.
I didn't know this good man had such a passion for God and for America .
What Charlie said:
Leave it to Charlie Daniels to tell it like it is!

This speech was given by Charlie at the Wilson County Day of Prayer Celebration on May 3rd 2012.
National Day of Prayer Speech 2012

"I didn't come here today to attend a social event or to talk about meaningless things or to make points with the community I love so very much.

I will make no attempt at humor or trivialities; my mission here today is to come together with my brothers and sisters in the body of Jesus Christ to plead with our Creator to give America another chance.

It is not my intention to offend any person or to point an accusing finger at any group or ideology and it is not my aim to judge any man, I have no right to judge, I am a sinner whose only hope is in the boundless mercy of Almighty God and the blood of His Son, Jesus Christ.
In my 75 years on earth America has fallen from a God fearing nation where family and fidelity were honored, to a nation which our own president says is no longer a Christian nation and where promiscuity and adultery are accepted as a given.

We have come from a nation of doers to a nation of takers and a society so permissive we fear to utter a word of criticism, against the vilest of social practices because we're afraid of seeming out of touch with the times and being shunned as a fuddy duddy who doesn't understand the new morality.

Well there is no new morality, there's only one morality and it was passed down to mankind by the word of Almighty God, and He changes not.

Our enemy is powerful and has had millenniums of years and thousands of generations to explore the weaknesses of mankind, what temptations are the most appealing, the seduction of wealth and power, sex and drugs.

The introduction of cable television has turned the public airwaves into a cesspool of pornography, available to impressionable young children at the touch of a button.
Most music videos have little to do with music any more but flaunt blatant sexuality and anti-social behavior, and even the most vulgar words have become vocabulary and lexicon among our teenagers.

We have become so politically correct that we won't even stand down those who deny even the existence of the God we serve and fight tooth and nail to have any mention of His name removed from every official document and even from public view.

America folded her hands and let a handful of self-serving politicians pass laws that forbid a child to say a prayer in school.

Well America , the farther we drift from God the more lost we become. We have a decision to make. Are we going to continue down this path to certain destruction or are we going to turn back to our only true hope?
If we want to please God we've got to make a stand, to go against the tide of popular culture, against public opinion, to bear the white hot lash of criticism and the hurtful sting of ridicule.

Abortion is a foregone conclusion. Man says it's all right to destroy the unborn; after all they're just blobs of flesh.

But God says He knew us in our mother's womb and knitted the pieces together and scheduled the days of our lives.
Man says that God should not be part of public life but God says you should love the Lord your God with all your heart and that means acknowledging Him in public as well as private.

Man says there's nothing wrong with same sex marriage but under the old covenant and the new covenant there is something very wrong with it.

The world claims to find salvation in Humanism, Buddhism, Hinduism and any number of faiths based on man being his own god but there is no salvation for ourselves or our nation in these new age concepts, there is only one place to turn to save America.

The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is not the same as the god of Mohammad, Khomeini and Osama bin Laden.
There is only one God and his name is Jehovah.
He is a loving God, but he is a jealous God.
He is a God of compassion but he is also a God of wrath.
He is a fair God who deals with the nations according to how they have dealt with His Son, His law and His chosen people of Israel .

God told Abraham, he who blesses you I will bless and he who curses you I will curse, and He changes not.
Are we listening America ? Do we take it seriously or is God's word, as some would have you believe, just an old and ancient manmade writing that is no longer relevant in our world today?

On this National Day of Prayer the verse from Isaiah will be repeated thousands of times, as it should be. It encompasses the sole purpose for this meeting this morning.
The Bible says, if My people, who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.
God has blessed America above every other nation on the face of the earth and we, as a nation, have turned our backs on Him.

It's up to us because, if My people would turn, if My people would repent, if My people will pray.
So today when we pray let's forget the pressures, the prejudices, the political parties and all the other distractions that exist right outside that door and as the word says, come together as touching and beseech Almighty God for one more chance for America, that for the sake of those who are called by His Name He will send a revival, a reformation to our nation.

That He will embolden and strengthen His servants and give us a will and a purpose and the determination to go forth from this place and make a difference, each in their own way.

I would close in paraphrasing a verse of scripture:
What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?
What does it profit a nation if it gains the whole world, and loses its own soul? What do you think?
Pray for our troops, and for our county.
God Bless America ."

Charlie Daniels

Michael Strickland

 2012/10/30 10:15Profile

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 Re: Charlie Daniels - Country "star" pleading with America to return to its

His songs are corrupt...

look at the lyrics of the song 'simple man' and then look at Jesus' "sermon on the mount".

Wijnand de Ridder

 2012/10/31 3:59Profile

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Central Florida



Are you saying that because his lyrics to this song don't match up with the sermon on the Mount then he is apostate? Or just wrong?


 2012/10/31 8:41Profile

 Re: Charlie Daniels - Country "star" pleading with America to return to its

At one time America could have turned around, but it's too late. It needs to run it's course toward destruction, perhaps when it gets so bad that there may be a chance that American will repent. Right now, it doesn't see that it needs to yet. But it might later as things begin to heat up. We are like the Frog in the cold water on the stove slowly being heated, we adjust to the temperature and we put up with our surroundings even though it's becoming uncomfortable, at some point the water is going to so hot that we either make another calculation of staying in the pot or we are going to jump ship.

America right now is adjusting her surroundings to accept the new temperatures. Even Hurricane Sandy will not change the mind, because we've seen worse days and endured.

 2012/10/31 9:11

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New York


I am not endorsing Charlie Daniels at all. I do not know him.

But is it possible that he has repented and trusted in Christ since he wrote/sang “Simple Man”?

Looks like that was written/sang over 20 years ago.

I suppose that if we dug back in most of our lives 20-30 years ago perhaps we would find things that we have said or done that did not match the Sermon on the Mount.

How he lives now is of greater importance.

 2012/10/31 9:19Profile

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The message that Charlie Daniels has shared is spot on. I do not know the man, not even what he looks or sounds like, hopefully he is just as he shared in this message, but one thing I know, God can use a donkey to warn an erring prophet, He can speak His message through billboards, TV programs, tracts, creation, and even Charlie Daniels. What I see is the message is going forth throughout the globe, will we be listening to the message or picking apart the messenger. What is the message doing to our own hearts????


 2012/10/31 14:06Profile


Um.. well... I have met Charlie Daniels. I dont "know" him, but I have met him and interviewed him a couple years ago. I have a picture of 2 of my kids sitting on his lap on his bus.

Fascinating that someone dug up lyrics from a song he wrote THIRTY years ago. And by the way, I agree with most of that song.

Maybe you should go back 40 years when Charlie was in his 30's (he is 75 now!) and dig up lyrics where he mentioned smoking pot too.

C'mon... give me a break. The man repented some time ago, and tho God has been changing him over time, the fact is he has been in the public spotlight his entire adult life. He has not done everything perfectly... but who here is going to cast the first stone?

I'm just amazed (altho I shoudnt be) that someone here immediately went searching for dirt on someone. For the person who did that... I ask YOU... how do YOUR actions line up with the Sermon On The Mount?

Just wondering.


 2012/11/9 14:24

Joined: 2006/3/31
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"Fascinating that someone dug up lyrics from a song he wrote THIRTY years ago. And by the way, I agree with most of that song."

He song this song a few years ago.

"I'm just amazed (altho I shoudnt be) that someone here immediately went searching for dirt on someone."

I didn't search for dir. I wanted to listen to his music. Then I heard things that shocked me and I search the lyrics. I don't want to throw dirt at all... but I am just naming what I see, that is bad.

"For the person who did that... I ask YOU... how do YOUR actions line up with the Sermon On The Mount?"

It's not just about actions, but about what you are singing/speaking publicly. If I say here something against what Jesus is saying, then kick me of the forum!

But Krispy, what are you action like I attacked you? I just wanted to warm for what I saw in the lyrics. I am not a 'heresy hunter'.

Wijnand de Ridder

 2012/11/19 3:09Profile


I'm sorry... please forgive me for misjudging your actions and intentions. That was not right of me to call you out publicly like that.

I know exactly how it feels when people do that to me on here, and it's hypocritical for me to complain about it and then do that to others.

I was wrong, brother. I'm sorry.


 2012/11/19 6:55

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Charlie Daniels would be a saint compared to David in the Bible. The first time God mentioned David in the bible he called him "A man after God's own heart" and the last time God mentions David in Acts he says the same thing... "David is a man after my own heart". Remember if you have no bad past, you have no good testimony, our testimony is our most powerful witnessing tool we have.

We also must remain faithful. Like David, we will not be perfect, but we can still be faithful. We must be willing to follow the commands that God has given to us, and recognize when we fail. We must be willing to show our remorse at our failure, returning again to faithful service. How we react to those that would point out our shortcomings will dictate whether we are faithful or not. If we become so self-centered as to believe that we cannot or do not sin, then we will certainly be separated from our God.

Mr. Bill

 2012/11/19 9:09Profile

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