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 Christian Church "Community" in Eastern US ?

I am looking for references to any Christian churches that live in community in the US, particularly those east of the Mississippi River. I am aware of a number of "Christian communities" in this region, but most would not also qualify as Christian churches, as other things have a tendency to become more important than the New Covenant.

I have a broad view of what a Christian Church Community could be. It could be any combination of shared or communal or own property; intentional or spontaneous; home-based or otherwise; voluntary or covenant; traditional or not; or any other combination of attributes. The basic requirement is a New Covenant people who love to be together with the saints and see each other more than twice a week for a few hours, in order to do the Lord's will. Know of any? Or anything even close? Please share.

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 Re: Christian Church "Community" in Eastern US ?


you can contact brother Dean Taylor on this site: he has done alot of research into communal living from the history of the moravians and other groups and could have some contacts for you for believers that are doing this now in the East.

There are some links to Christian communities on this page:

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Thanks Greg. That is a good contact, as I heard that Dean had looked into that. I am hoping someone on here has had some direct contact they can recommend.

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