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 Praying in the Church

While at work today I was listening to the the message 'The coming Persecution' by Paul Washer? It was in Atlanta and he mentioned it being a Sermonindex conference. Anyway, He got me thinking about something that I have always wondered and I don't think I have ever seen it demonstrated. He talks about praying and there are churches who push their people to pray yet I have never seen a preacher stop in mid sentence and just begin to lead people in prayer and have everyone just praying right there and then.

Over the years I have seen various churches show on their signs about prayer and bible study and I have often wondered what does the prayer part really mean? Is it the simply 1 minutes prayer for inspiration and such? I have always thought there should be in depth bible study as well and some intensive prayer. I often have seen those short prayer 'things' go nothing more than ask for inspiration. Often times the churches asks for people to prayer for certain things in their prayer closet.

What do you think?



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