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 New Book: Gospel's Power and Message | Paul Washer


This is a new book published by brother Paul Washer that I recommend you consider getting. There will be many great truths contained in it that will encourage you to preach and contend for the Gospel in a day of such great compromise.

Gospel's Power and Message | Paul Washer


We are very happy to recommmend this title by Paul Washer, which should prove to be one of the more important books on our website. As stated on our Featured Ministers section of our website, "Paul Washer has been used of God in our time for a widespread recovery of (1) the true Gospel and a biblical basis for Christian assurance, (2) an evangelistic approach and presentation that maintains biblical integrity..."

This book is meant to be for every believer, and especially for those who regularly share the gospel to others, whether from the pulpit, on the streets, or in the workplace and neighborhood. Every Christian needs to go deeper and to be more versed in the Gospel of Christ. It is the Gospel of Christ that is of first importance. The goal of this book is not just to fill your head, but to make your understanding of the Gospel more robust and healthy, thus transforming your life (Rom. 12:1-2).

here is a sample from the book:


Part 1: An Apostolic Introduction
1. A Gospel to Know and Make Known
2. A Gospel to be Received
3. A Gospel by Which We Are Saved
4. A Gospel of First Importance
5. A Gosepl Handed Down and Delivered

Part 2: The Power of God for Salvation
6. "The" Gospel
7. A Scandalous Gospel
8. A Powerful Gospel
9. A Gospel for All Who Believe

Part 3: The Acropolis of the Christian Faith
10. Making Much of Sin
11. Making Much of God
12. Sinners One and All
13. Sinners Falling Short
14. Sinners Through and Through
15. Righteous Indignation
16. Holy War
17. A Most Costly Gift
18. The Divine Dilemma
19. A Qualified Redeemer
20. The Cross of Jesus Christ
21. The Vindication of God
22. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ
23. The Foundation of Faith in the Resurrection
24. Christ's Ascension as the High Priest of His People
25. Christ's Ascension as the Lord of All
26. Christ's Ascension as the Judge of All

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 Re: New Book: Gospel's Power and Message | Paul Washer

Greg - thanks for letting us know about this book.

I have "The One True God" & "The Truth About Man" by Paul.

I didn't know he had another out. He is a an anointed teacher.

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