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 Church Hopping

Why do many God fearing, loving Christians go from church to church trying to find the "perfect" one?

I have been examining my own life and in the 27 years as I have been saved, in the past 22 years after being married, my wife and I have attended six different churches.

It seems like when you ask a friend where they are going to church, a typical response is "we are looking for a Church", "we are not happy with the church we attended" or something similar.

In other countries where being a Christian is more dangerous I'm not sure if they have the luxury of "picking" the "perfect" church to attend.

Maybe I'm asking the wrong question about "what is a Church" and how is it supposed to look and be Biblically.

And seriously, where is the church today in America and why are so many Christians seem discontent to "church hop" -- hoping to find a place they can call home where God dwells and the Bible is preached.

questions I need help wrestling with.

- dkr777

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 Re: Church Hopping

Brother in most persecuted countries believers get fellowship wherever they can. Often they meet in homes. This is why Greg is encouraging tbe gospel fellowships. Personally I do not attend an organized church. But God willing pray a home fellowship may start in my area.


 2012/10/14 13:57

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 Re: Church Hopping

Because many churches are stagnate. I left my first church, after becoming a Christian, because I simply outgrew it. At one time I took all kinds of notes but the time came when I wasn't learning anything. I was showing up and leaving empty handed. So, I was forced to look elsewhere. In the process I did my own 'ministry' which partly meant attended underground rock concerts and talking to people amongst the crowd. Something most in the church wouldn't do except stand across the street and yell 'Repent or Die' type of thing.

These days I think the church parallels the work force. Think about it, most people change jobs many times in their lifetime vs staying with the same job their entire life. I think the same can be concluded with Church as well.


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 Have you not read....

Our young pastor, Eli Brayley taught this morning on marriage and divorce in Matthew 19.

I see a great similarity between our lack of fidelity, faithfulness and working things out for God's glory in Christian marriages and this translates also into Christian fellowships. The end of this message is full of grace, mercy and how God died for these sins.
One body, one spirit....united as one.
What do you think?

Sister Leslie

 2012/10/14 16:03

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 Re: Have you not read....

hi,planted by the river... a good church that sees sinners saved and grown is a good thing to find. if you are in one and are growing, you are being trained to take over in help growing others and further giving strength to the church. as you continue to grow, your leadership will have much more input to make the church greater yet.if you hop you are less likely to mature in Jesus and become like someone who have been saved in 20, one year segments instead of 20 years. an old man at a church was the head usher that the kids called the candy man. one day a new family of 3 came in and he greeted them and asked them if they would mind if he gave the child a tootsie pop. as he knelt down he spoke to the child and asked him if he would also like to go to a very special place where he could have fun and learn. the child said yes and as the parents nodded, the usher told them to wait just a minute and he took care of the child... to make it short..over 20 people in that family gave their lives to Christ because of this usher and how he treated a child.jimp

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