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"I like relational stuff."

Well...too bad. Maybe when you get older you will develop an appreciation for Ravi's teachings. :-)

"such as knowing when a man's heart is too hard in which he won't be saved or to use violence in such an incident. Something some pacifists would object to."

Mind explaining this? I reckon I have no clue what you are talking about...I have listened to so many of his sermons but have no idea what you mean.

I have listened to many of his sermons and agreed but wondered if the man does not say 'something' that I would disagree with. Eventually I did...when he did speak about the need to be involved in the military I sense he lacked conviction on the issue because it was not taught with the same fervor and passion as his other sermons.

"I had a crush on one of Ravi's daughter and then she went and got married on me. Can you believe that???? lol"

You did not go to Ravi and ask for permission to court his daughter?? I hope you have no regrets...:-0

Sandra Miller

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