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 Reflections after being gone

I posted the following on a different thread, but thought perhaps this would be a good word for everyone. I dont know... maybe not. But either way, I took some time off and did not plan to come back. Not sure I really have "come back", I started posting again mainly because there are some momentous things happening my family's life and I wanted the prayers of my bros and sisters here.

Anyway... after a couple months off and time to reflect... this came rolling out of me today. I say these things not to offend or be bold, but because I want to encourage everyone here to seek the greater thing... which is JESUS CHRIST... and HIM ALONE.


I think we will be surprised when we get to other side and all things are revealed to us, and we find out what was really sin... and what was not.

We are such narrowminded (a nice way of saying ignorant) people. We want so badly to judge each other, and this forum... frankly... is a breeding ground for judgementalism. Most everyone who comes here considers themselves to be slightly more spiritual than the average Christian, and thats a bad place to start from. It can only go down hill from there. And from those ivory towers upon which we place ourselves we can only look down on everyone else.

I know this because I am guilty of doing this!

The majority of people here, altho they will never admit it, think they are speaking the very oracles of God... and so they speak harshly and judgementally to and about those who may not agree with their every whim. You dont agree with me? Well then you're not a Christian... or as spiritual... or as mature. I see that on a daily basis here.

So much so thats why I disappeared. Made me want to puke. And I was ashamed to realize how often I have been sucked into the same exact thing myself!

So we bawk at fundamentalists with all their rules and laws, and we call them legalists.... and then we turn around and do the VERY SAME THING. "If you vote for a Mormon then you can not call yourself a Christian!", it is said!

I say "Chapter and verse, please!"

I know believers who will be voting for Obama. I dont get that at all... but far be it from me to judge their relationship with the Lord based upon that!

We judge each other over even more stupid things, like music... or hair length... or whatever it might be. And then we have enough gull to judge and label fundamentalists as "legalists". It's laughable and sad all at the same time.

Most here see themselves as more "mature" Christians. I'm going to offend some here, but I believe the fact is that most folks here are actually quite immature.

I include myself in that number at times as well.

I think we all need to talk less and listen more. Pontificate less and pray more. Prophecy less (not that any real prophecying happens here) and worship more. Judge each other less... and serve each other more.

Until we do that we are nothing but a marching band made up of 5 year olds that cant play a lick of music... but sure make a lot of noise.


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 Re: Reflections after being gone

You may well be judged, corrected, or rebuked for such a post; who knows. Sadly, though, some of my experiences cause me to concur with several of the things you observe, and it just confirms that I would do best to take a break as well ----- Proverbs 10:19


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People tend to be judged more in religious arenas than not because of the codes of conduct that is expected and the change of lifestyle. Take yourself out of that arena and most people don't care. They accept you as you are unless you go into the routes of drugs and stealing, etc.

Someone in the religious arena those do's and don'ts becomes a noose around the necks of all of us or at least most of us to tighten and hang ourselves and then we go back and forth through the emotional roller coaster of 'Jesus Loves me, Jesus love me not....'



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hi, i am happy tosee truth here. we need to know that Jesus resists the proud and commands us to be humble. the reason is obvious... none of us know very much real truth. we should be happy to say "Jesus loves me this i know for the bible tells me so" jimp

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 Re: Reflections after being gone

I've been gone for a while too, and my circumstances didn't let me say bye, however, I'm not coming back really, just gleaning right now. I agree with most of what you've said here and know I'm guilty of the same. Most of it probably comes from thinking this should operate like a church...where unity IS a must. For some, like me, it can be a fun place to find out why you believe what you believe... Doctrinal discussions/debates have always been enjoyable for me (when GOOD passion is in play!) because I learn so much! But then others come here with the only intention to worship the Lord, and then the "overturning tables" begin. :)

God bless yall :)

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