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 The end times, Near or Far, do we care???

Lately I have been looking at the topic of end times. There is so much to learn, and so many views. Some people are pre-trib, some are post trib, some are mid-trib and some even believe we will be taken before that (Chuck Misler I think).

The bible seems to have so much to say about the end times (I am reading Daniel in my morning read for the first time in a long time), you have Daniel, Ezekiel, Joel, Revelation, and many other books, both in the old and new testaments.

I know it can be confusing, I certainly don't know what I believe yet about how it will all happen, but it seems to be important otherwise why is so much written about it in the bible?

There are some that say, why look? All that happens is that you get all intellectual (so to speak) and it affects your relationship with Christ. That it is more important to learn about practical christian living, and the like.

How do you answer that? I hardly have it altogether in that area, who does? But I believe that we need to consider both.

First question, how do I answer my friend?

Second question, who are some good, solid, bible based teachers on end times? I want to be able to not just listen to something but see it put together, with verses, so that I can try and understand it.

Thanks, Grant.

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 Re: The end times, Near or Far, do we care???

Hello Grant,

I just want to say a little blurb that helps me. I just want to be ready no matter when the time comes. Having said that, I am a bit of an looker into these things, and probably my favorite teacher on the subject is Kevin J. Conner of Australia. You can find his books on Amazon.

Have a blessed day tomorrow and peace filled life.


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Thanks KLC, I'll have a look.

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I recommend a very well put together book called "Revelation: Four Views" by Steve Gregg.

This book goes through the book of Revelation, and in column format explains how each of the 4 major eschatological views interpret each passage, side by side. them you can decide which view makes the most sense biblically.


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 Re: The end times, Near or Far, do we care???

Grantw wrote:
First question, how do I answer my friend?

Second question, who are some good, solid, bible based teachers on end times? I want to be able to not just listen to something but see it put together, with verses, so that I can try and understand it.

You can’t change someone’s interest on a subject! Either they are interested or they aren't. Just remember where you have come from on this subject, were you always interested in it? Give him as much time as God has given you!!

On your second question... I highly recommend two people on sermonindex, David Pawson and Zac Poonen.

David Pawson has 15 sermons on here on the end times....

"Revelation" by Zac Poonen (scroll down to the bottom to get to chapter 1, it's a verse-by-verse study)

And here is his Topical (Quick) Study of Revelation by Zac:
Revelation part 1

Revelation part 2

These are not the only two people who are good on sermonindex but I like them and you might too.

God bless,


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 Re: The end times, Near or Far, do we care???

The best teaching I've heard on this subject is by David Pawson. You can find some of his teaching on the end times(free mp3's) here:

His book on this subject is also very good.



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 Re: The end times, Near or Far, do we care???

Grant, let me first say that it's refreshing that you have a desire to know the truth, but it's disheartening to see that your looking in the wrong places.

I would highly recommend that you NOT hear anything that man has to say on the subject. This subject is so muddled, so twisted, so backwards to the way God is thinking that it will only mess your brain up.

I look to SI for it's wonderful contribution of sermons that encourage the believer in their walk with God. I never listen to any of the doctrinal sermons because I do not want to think like the person who is teaching it. I want to hear what God is saying, personally I want Gods mind.

Let me encourage you to seek the scriptures for yourself like the Bereans did in Pauls day and they sought to know that what Paul was talking about lined up with the Scriptures.

I am going to suggest one thing to you and that is this, that you seek God's thoughts on the matter and let God talk to you.

Here is a most important way to study bible prophecy.

Don't seek for an end!

Don't imagine what the end will be or when it will be.

Look for Jesus Christ in what you read. When you read in Daniel, ask the Lord to show you Christ in what your reading and everything will fall into place. If your open to Him, be prepared to hear things that will go against what you've already heard from sermons or men.

As long as you look to men for interpretation or read endless commentaries on the subject, you will only think like they do and never read the Christ that is in them, for they are looking for the "end". We are looking for the beginning, where all things have become new.

We live in a microwave age, we want to know things now. And when we get them quickly like that, we'll never learn to be patient, we won't know how to wait, for when we ask Him and wait for the answers to come, He will not tarry. He wants to see if we really are interested in knowing what He has to say. That is why the waiting. When our faith through waiting is achieved, God comes with the answers.

It is not only God's good pleasure to give us the kingdom (now by the way), it's also His will to heal.

For instance, lately I've been thinking about healing and how Jesus went about healing all that were oppressed of the devil and doing good etc.. The only time that He never healed anyone are those that were in unbelief. It was Gods will to heal everyone.

I had to throw out the teaching that I learned years ago that it must be Gods will that He doesn't heal some people. God heals all that exercise their faith toward Him for healing. I had to repent of that. God does not withhold no good thing from those that walk uprightly. And when we ask for wisdom, He doesn't withhold that either. It's Gods will that we should not only inherit the kingdom now, but we are to enjoy all the benefits that come with it (which includes persecutions), afterall, we are the Children of God.

 2012/10/12 11:21

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 Re: The end times, Near or Far, do we care???

I think most all would agree that we are living at the end of days and that Jesus return is very near. we are admonished to be aware of the times in which we live. it ifs important. that being said, there are a lot of teachers off eschatology running around and all have their slant, their reasons, and their proof texts. study the word. listen to others with interest, but always study the word. i think it is important to realize that each opinion, including mine, will be verified our debunked by timer and future events. form an opinion but hold onto it loosely. there are aspects we can all be sure of. other thongs we can only speculate. know the difference.


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 Re: The end times, Near or Far, do we care???

A couple of years ago, I was reading some first-hand accounts of individuals who lived during the Azusa Street Revival (between 1906-1909). After the revival, many of them went back to their respective congregations or started new fellowships of believers.

One of the interesting things that I noticed was how these believers felt regarding the coming of the Lord. Many of their letters and writings seemed to indicate a belief that the Lord's return was imminent. Many of them indicated that they believed that they would see the Lord's return with their own physical eyes.

Personally, I believe that the time is at hand. It seems like this world is racing toward the end...and, of course, the Judgment that awaits. However, I am not certain whether or not the end will happen during this decade or even my lifetime.

After all, we aren't even promised tomorrow.

There is an old adage about the only "sure" thing in life is death and taxes. Well, the ONLY sure thing in life is death. It is appointed of men to die once. Dallas Holm used to say that statistics show that 100 out of every 100 men die at some time during their lives.

Some people die at younger ages than others. Some people live well passed 100 years old. Some people die in the womb. And, everyone else dies at an age in-between. There is no certainty that we will live long enough to see the end happen in our lifetimes.

While I would never say, "Why look?" -- I would remind others that the end will come no matter how much we know about it or how well we understand it.

As believers, we live in very blessed times. Whereas early believers rarely saw the written Word of God, most of us have multiple copies on our shelves, tablets, computers and even cell phones. Most of us (in the West) don't face major persecution like the early church. The Early Church didn't have the resources that we have. They didn't have multiple Bibles in multiple languages. They didn't have dictionaries, concordances, commentaries or big buildings.

So, what did they do?

They watched and prayed. They didn't worry about how the end would specifically come. They simply knew that it was coming. They stayed close to the Lord. They were already willing to be put to death for His Name's sake.

I think that it is a good thing to read other teachings about the End Times. However, they are still the words of men. We should treat them as interpretations coming from fallible men. We can dissect, pray about and study for truth. Yet, we should never worry or become obsessed with the way the end will come about. Rather, we should be obsessed with Him.

I will be praying for you brother!


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Thank you everyone, you have given me a lot to look at, to think about and to pray about.

Thank you.

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