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 In need of advice

I am a senior at my University, and a double major in Religious Studies and Recreation Administration. It was never my goal to combine the two in the real world. My wife and I are called to be missionaries, and that's what I want to work toward.
Anyways, we have to have an internship for my Rec degree. I am looking at two local churches that are quite large for my city (5,000+ members each) that have full blown recreation facilities. Again, it was never something I wanted to do, combine recreation with my faith. These two churches have gyms, weight rooms, zumba classes, the works. My problem is that I don't know if I would feel comfortable doing that kind of work. I understand it being a great evangelism opportunity, but is the church really suppost to make herself look like the world just to bring in the unregenerate? I feel like that's where I should draw the line. Recreation can fit in with a church, but I feel like doing it on that sort of scale is uncalled for.
I remember when one of them was building their facility, and a lot of people were unhappy about it, saying the money could have went to missions or something more useful. It just seems wrong for a church to have those sort of facilities.
I don't know what is speaking through me right now, my desperation to have an internship, my lack of interest in large-scale facilities for churches, or my heart. That's really what I'm trying to figure out I guess.
I have been desperate for finding a job working with brothers and sisters in Christ. I yearn for fellowship! My full-time job does not provide that at all. I yearn for a brother to sit beside and converse with all day long. Someone with a heart for Christ working beside me. I would have that there. If I took an internship somewhere else that would not be guaranteed.
I guess what I'm asking is this: Would it be right for me to work there? Should I support these large-scale recreation facilities for churches? I'm already not a fan of larger churches, it seems unity would be difficult and I have seen first-hand what happens when a church grows beyond fellowship-capacity numbers.

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 Re: In need of advice

If this is what you NEED to do in order to complete your studies, then approach it like that. You could look at it as a mission field (sounds like you already are).

Or... is there not a YMCA or a local parks and rec where you could fulfill you obligations to the college?

It's one thing to be idealistic about what the church should be. And most of us here would agree that the church was not intended to be what it is today... but at the same time there is nothing wrong with a church having a gym or a weight room. Certainly that should not be it's focus, etc. But it just depends on how YOU approach it. You can not control 5,000 other people, you can only account for yourself before God.

If there are no other alternatives, and this is it or you dont finish your studies... take the internship and finish out your degree and be done with it. Use this as an opportunity to reach others for Christ.

Seems strange to say that you should view the church as a mission field... but thats where we are at here in America.


 2012/10/11 10:13

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 Re: In need of advice

Your signature says...

"The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church."

If you do go there you must go with such an attitude.
You must go there to die.

It may get bloody(not physically)and ugly.

What you described is not the church that Christ said he'd build.

So if you go maybe Christ will use you to tear down and pluck up.

There may be some who are searching for the Grace and Truth which came by Jesus.

But be prepared for battle because we are wresting against principalities and powers. In this case very religious ones.
As one person has said, "The devil doesn't so much want to destroy the church he'd rather run it."

You must also consider the effects this may have not only upon your own spiritual life but your wife's as well.

What you described sounds like a kingdom of fleshmongers.

And finally, "To be forewarned is to be forearmed."

You ask, "I guess what I'm asking is this: Would it be right for me to work there?"

Answer: When in doubt do without.

You ask, "Should I support these large-scale recreation facilities for churches?"

Answer: Absolutely not!

You said,

"I don't know what is speaking through me right now,
1)my desperation to have an internship,
2)my lack of interest in large-scale facilities for churches,or
3)my heart.
That's really what I'm trying to figure out I guess."

My guess: I guess #3.

Go figure.

Better yet,go pray!

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hi, 40 years ago i was an associate evang. with "the chaplain of bourbon street" ,bob harrington. we went for a weeks meeting to landmark baptist temple in cinn.oh. this place was huge by todays standards. the pastor allowed us to go to some of his meetings and his answer to every question of how they were going to pay for this or that was "we are going to get more folks saved" when out in the streets witnessing we were constantly running into member after member sharing the gospel both in cinn. and across the river in ky.big is not always bad.that is why they mentioned the thousands added on the day of pentacost.when the church is the center of a families activities it is a good thing and developes strong families and a strong community.Jesus fed the multitudes so it shows he cares for the needs of people outside of their spiritual needs.a Christ centered family that is hooked up with a good church is a wonderful thing.go and make it better.jimp

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 Re: In need of advice

It sounds like you got revival stirring in your soul. Churches like the one you described need what you have. Yes, it would be wonderful to sit under the feet of Gamaliel like Paul did but that isn't always going to happen.

Krispy is correct, you need to look at this as a mission field. It's hard to believe living in a country with so many Churches, Christian schools and colleges that we would need missionaries. Sad to say, we do.

Look at that Church as a Church that is without a vision. Would it be any different if you were to go to a distant land filled with devils and every opposition opposing you? The same is true, there are many spiritual foes in that Church and you'll receive the same opposition that you would have in that other country as you would there.

Treat it as your first missionary journey into another country. The natives believe in a spiritual higher power but they are all messed up and need guidance and direction. Is that Church any different?

 2012/10/12 18:39

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