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 Teach Thyself Olde Englishe: Study Aid

Do you know your 'thees' from your 'thys' and your 'thous' from your 'ye-s'? If not, help is at hand.

There is often significance in whether or not the pronoun is 'thy' or 'your' which can really only be captured by using the older versions. It may seem random as to whether to use 'thee, thou, thy, thine, ye,' but it is just old grammar. Here is a little explanation as to how the whole thing works and why.

If you are using the KJV, this is a must! Give Teach Thyself Olde English a visit.

Ron Bailey

 2005/2/25 2:36Profile

 Re: Teach Thyself Olde Englishe: Study Aid

This looks interesting. For some reason when I am praying sometimes I use the word Thee. I am not sure why I do and I would probably not pray like it in public as I feel a bit silly but for some reason it feels a lot more intimate and almost comes from a deeper place in me. Not sure why.

 2005/2/25 5:18

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 Thou speaketh well

Agreed, thanks Ron,

Wasn't there something on here a looong time ago about how this makes the spell-checkers have fit's ?! Noticed something running that, how often the tendencies toward...well "toward" comes up for one :) though I kept trying to add an "s" to it. Another would be "amongst".

It's interesting that even without really thinking about it the sense of intimacy is there in these words. Need to print this out, it's a bit early for this decaffeinated brain.

Mike Balog

 2005/2/25 7:02Profile

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 Re: Thou speaketh well

dear brother,

I really enjoyed your help.

 2007/10/27 19:12Profile

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